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Posted 2019-12-03T13:51:00Z

RIT Memorial Fund

Hello to all of you who love Kristine!

In mid-November RIT hosted a special day of both men and women's hockey games in honor of Kristine and her many accomplishments there.  It was a wonderful day and of course the girls team did get the win![...]

Posted 2019-04-19T15:45:03Z

Beautiful tribute

Below is a story recently done by our local newspaper, The Sentinel. For those near and far who didn’t see it, here it is.....

During this Holy Week of Easter, it is fitting that we remember the life of Kristine Brassie and the message she left to all of us before her passing. Kristine touched the lives of many in the community. Even those that only had spoken with her a few times felt lucky to have known this amazing woman. I recently had the privilege to speak at length with her mother, Mary Ann Pierce, who gave me a glimpse into her daughter’s extraordinary life.[...]

Posted 2019-04-04T10:28:39Z

Quotes From KB

Before Kristine launched her business, she looked inside herself and made sure she understood who she was and what mattered to her before she took on the role of coach to others.    It wasn't easy.  She would be the first to tell you that.  So today as we are all struggling with this tremendous loss, we share her words with you.  These are quotes from her on her website.  Make today a good one.[...]

Posted 2019-04-01T14:39:50Z

Attention Prayer Warriors!!

Yesterday around 5pm Kristine was transferred to Strong Hospital.  She is stable and in ICU. 

As all of you know, Kristine has been throwing the book at Millie and it appears Millie is pushing back a bit.  They are checking lots of things and Mary Ann says her nurses are wonderful and Kristine is comfortable.[...]