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Posted 2017-03-13T02:16:00Z

Another stop on the wild ride: 3 nights in the Hospital

My last post talked about my chemo cycle the first round, the second round was a bit different.

The first 4 days were about the same - generally not feeling great, nausea, fatigue, bone pain and the beginning of hair loss.Over that weekend following the treatment I felt more achy and tired then before and then on Sunday into Monday I had a low grade fever. Fevers aren't great when you have a low immune system, I called my Dr. and she had me go in to test my blood cell count. It turned out fine and they just gave me a bunch of fluids. I went home and felt better but my breast had some pain in it.

I went in for my regularly scheduled appointment with my Oncologist to discuss all my side-effects. She looked at my breast which was a bit pink and swollen but not really that warm. She put me on antibiotics and said to let her know if it didn't get better. Friday am my breast was very painful and a lot more red. I was able to see my breast surgeon and she was able to drain some fluid from my breast and put me on a more serious antibiotic with a follow-up on Monday.

On Monday it was worse, there was a large red area that was hot, she was unable to get more fluid from it so she had me see a radiologist and gave me more antibiotics. The radiologist is able to see more deep into the tissue to find pockets of built up fluid using a sonogram. That was the most painful part of the experience being contorted on the table and then having a hard plastic wand digging into my already painful and inflamed breast. They did find some pockets so then I was poked by a needle to aspirate my breast. Even with the local numbing shot it was still very painful and uncomfortable.

Had another follow up on Wednesday and it was worse. So the Dr. said I needed to go to the hospital to be put on IV antibiotics and have a procedure to put a drain in to help alleviate the fluid and swelling. She tried hard to keep me out of the hospital but it just wasn't healing.

On Wednesday the 8th instead of Chemo I found myself in the ER to get my bloodwork and antibiotics started. My surgeon got me a bed on the surgery floor which is a private room but it takes awhile for the beds to open up and she wanted me to get started right away on the antibiotics. After 8 fun filled hours in the ER I was finally moved to my room, more stories about the ER if you want to know just ask, it's quite the place!

On Thursday I had a procedure with the Internal Radiologists that removed fluid and then inserted a drain to continue to drain the area. It was a quick and painless procedure as they knock you out for awhile not general anesthesia but it did the trick.

I ended up staying in the hospital 3 nights and finally was home by 2 on Saturday. It still wasn't healing and as all the medical professionals said it was angry which is why I had to stay over on Friday night. The idea of going to stay in the hospital terrified and scared me at first, it meant I really am sick. Overall the stay wasn't bad, I had my own room with a TV and a lot of wonderful friends visiting and bringing me treats! All the Drs., nurses, and techs were so nice and made the stay pleasant and helped me heal!

The final night in the hospital my IV started to leak so I needed to get a new IV. After 5 tries they finally got one in my arm at 1am so I could get my antibiotics. Overall I think I had 17 different needles poke me in 3 days, not fun. I always have trouble with veins and blood being drawn. In the am my arm started to hurt at the IV site, it was during shift change so the new nurse said she would be back. It was pretty painful so I took a look at my arm and it was swollen to the size of a tennis ball in my forearm. Turns out the IV came out of the vein and the antibiotics were just in my arm. Painful but ultimately after time, elevation and warm compresses it went away! 

Hoping that the third round of chemo isn't as eventful and that my breast heals quickly! It appears I will not have chemo this week either so I will be 2 weeks delayed in my schedule. I feel pretty good today, just resting and napping a lot. Thanks again to all my visitors, cat caretakers, gifts, prayers, love and support. There is no way I could do this without all of you!



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Comments (3)

  • Rhonda Taylor
    Rhonda Taylor

    Sending healing thoughts to you. Much love, Rhonda

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Souzen Deavers
    Souzen Deavers

    Oh my goodness. Kristin. We were away all last week seeing old college friends and our grandson Chris who is now sous chef at a terrific new restaurant. Got a card for you down there I just sent. And there you were going through something you never planned. Thank God the staff were good to you. Well, except for the dummy who missed your vein! Glad you have a week off to rest and build strength. Hope it has been a welcome respite. Prayers abounding; love always. Souzen

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Angelique Lake
    Angelique Lake

    So sorry you had such a rough time after your second round of chemo. Glad that you are good following up with your doctors so that anything that comes up, they are there to help you. Sending you love and strength. Angelique

    3 years ago · Reply