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Shanelle Roberson Shanelle Roberson

K-Duuuubbb! Thank you for sharing your journey. You have and will always be an inspiration to me. #Boss #Humble

Souzen Deavers Souzen Deavers

HI Kristy. We are in Texas thru Sunday. Found this today. What a wise way to keep us all up to date. Joe and I will definitely see you when we head East in April/May. Will call shortly. Just know I can come when needed and the guest room is ready when you want a quiet escape. Love you much, oh brave warrior woman!! Souzen

Michelle Jaeger Michelle Jaeger

You're a rockstar and incredibly strong. I love you and am here for you. Xo

Sharyn O'Hare Sharyn O'Hare

Kristin, thank you for being so strong and writing this blog. First of all, I love your new hair style! So sassy and cute!😄 Secondly, I am here for you. Remember the ocean is a healing place too, and you have a home and support here for your R& R . Love you Sharyn

Amy Fernandez Amy Fernandez

Kristin. Can't believe your journey includes this. You have such a free spirit about you in all your posts. It's been decades since we have communicated. I will be praying for you to win this battle.
Please forward an address for mail. Love the haircut.
Amy Fernandez (Austin)