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Look here for updates on Laura's recovery from her rock wall climbing adventure.

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More or Less

My life has highs and lows closely aligned, and this week was no different. I had a crazy stress filled week with a lot of business and a lot of blessings packed in. 

The thing I've been most excited to write about was my record breaking walk on Wednesday though. Hunter and I headed out from my house with no braces but with Michele's generous donation of arch supports to my on fleek Nikes. I rocked down the street with those babies and didn't sit down until the Rathaus. For those of you unfamiliar with Kandern geography, that's a full 500 meters. Anja was excited to celebrate with me at therapy, and I was excited to try again on Friday. Hunter and I tried a different route, and I still made the half kilometer mark with relative ease.

I'm overjoyed at this mark of progress. As I told Anja Wednesday, I'll have more next week, but she wisely reminded me to not forget the magnitude of this accomplishment. It is a huge deal for me.

I'm so excited about more walking progress, but I'm also going to be honest with a frustration at the step back in other functions I'd often prefer. A minor bathroom setback is nothing in the face of the walking improvement, but it's less than I'd like to have. I'm still praying for everything to show up in my recovery - and that means full control of all muscle functions. 

Pray with me this week for more function all over my body and less inhibition from neurological damage. But don't forget to celebrate with me just as I already know an unnamed coworker will on Monday by shouting the German pronunciation of my name and promising me tacos on Tuesday. 

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