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Just Pain

There's a delightful saying from the podcast "Welcome to Nightvale" that you can buy on a t-shirt on their website: Pain is just pain entering the body. You can also buy one that says "manic pixie dream tarantula," but that's got nothing to do with my week. 

Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I had early morning meetings and my legs - Virgil in particular - were not super happy about it. Virgil and Beatrice were both trapped in braces for two long full days, and I was disappointed that I'd be tired out by physio Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately Anja was willing to work with me as I was. She spent a few minutes stretching and adjusting my muscles before we took off out of the praxis to walk a couple hundred meters down the street. Anja carried a stool in one hand and let me hold on to her other as we strolled in the sunshine. I did have the braces and a stick in addition to Anja's hand due to the aforementioned unhappy legs.

I was delighted with the quality and distance Anja and I achieved, but I'm still striving for more. I've taken a few other walks without the braces, and Anja and I are going to try even more this coming Wednesday. I'm not going to let a little fussiness from my legs - or from various pain throughout my lower half this past week. 

Saturday afternoon I was hanging out proofing yearbook pages, and I doubled over for a short break to try to stretch out some pain. My friend Chris tried to send me home when I explained what I was doing. "I'm not going to let pain stop me from living my best life," I retorted - or some equivalent sass. I stuck it out for a bit longer, but my body parts ganged up on me by Saturday evening. I'd promised to attend the student led worship night, and I made it through nearly the whole thing though I had to duck out early because of my body's need to reposition outside my wheelchair. 

This afternoon a couple current juniors stopped by, and I was explaining the condition of my legs - you know, the basics of how I named them and talk to them to try to understand their strange messages that have to be communicated through leg spasms rather than directly through my now damaged neurological network. While we were talking, they started spasming, and I tried to listen to what they had to say. I'm pretty sure part of the message was just that they were tired after a short walk around the fire station.

I'm writing this out ready to pop some ibuprofen and head to bed. You see, pain is just pain entering the body. It'll take a whole lot more than pain to stop me from enjoying my life. For example, I'm looking forward to another delightful Monday with my students tomorrow. We're going to discuss some of the critical elements of what goes into making a church; it involves a clip from Bob's Burgers. I've got a pretty great job. 

Now, to be clear, I don't want the pain. I'm not inviting any extra. I'm just not going to let it stop me. Looking ahead to this next week, I'd love prayers for the pain to go away. More importantly, I want to see God glorified in this week's walking adventures. 

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