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Posted 2019-01-26T05:17:00Z

Saint Hewett

After five years on this great platform, I'm moving my updates to a permanent home at I've had thousands of people come through on this page, and I hope that all of my subscribers will move to this new platform where it's easy to bookmark the page and check back for my weekly updates.[...]

Posted 2019-01-13T03:07:40Z


Tuesday morning, I checked my phone to see a message from Jen to call her. Obviously, that's a great way to start my day because Jen is one of my favorite people. However, she was wanting to talk to me so I could hear from a friend instead of the Facebook flood that my friend Joyce had passed away. Joyce was ready to leave her frail body and be with Jesus, and I watched a series of photos and posts about this grace filled woman continue through my Facebook feed for the rest of the week. [...]

Posted 2019-01-06T01:13:09Z

Choose Your Own Adventure

One of my students is convinced that all the choices we make are predetermined and that free will is an illusion. We have loads of great conversations about this. Just this week, we were talking about how he is a product of his experiences and therefore primed to inevitably respond a certain way in the future. I agree with some of his points because I've had life experiences that primed me to respond to my trauma in certain ways.[...]

Posted 2018-12-30T04:18:30Z


Have you ever read Thomas More's Utopia? It's terrible. I mean, no way it could work, but if it did, life there would be horribly bland. Anyone who's known me long can tell you that I've always been partial to dystopian fiction, and one of my favorites is Ursula LeGuin's short story "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas." It's a brilliant work because Omelas is described as a utopia where everyone lives happily though they go through a coming of age moment where they must look upon a single child who bears the entirety of the community's suffering. Their paradise is at the expense of oppression.[...]

Posted 2018-12-23T08:21:33Z

Of Blisters, Bad Weather, and Bible Stories

There's always reason not to get up and walk - paralysis being at the top of the list for me. I obviously want to keep improving though, and I'll look for ways to practice what my physios tell me, but external forces can limit me. Like that blister on my foot that is my internal fluids looking for an external position. The weather is also an inhibitor of my walking. This week, both of those ganged up on me and kept me mostly in a chair with my foot elevated as I spent loads of time reading. [...]

Posted 2018-12-17T06:11:06Z

The Price of Adventure

I never wanted to leave Oregon; ask anyone who knew me there. I was the least likely to move away, and yet, at this point it doesn't look like I'll ever live there again. My life has taken a turn for the awesome, and I have no regrets. I chose to live dependent on Jesus, and he took me first to Germany, then to a Swiss hospital, and now for a stay in a tiny island paradise in the South Pacific. [...]

Posted 2018-12-02T01:32:28Z

1, 2, 3, Wobble

This Monday at physio, Mike had me practice a whole bunch more difficult tasks. We did a lot of standing on my own before grabbing on to his arms so that I wouldn't immediately drop back into my seat. He also had me find my balance before closing my eyes and trying to remain on my feet. For most people that would obviously be an easy task, but because of the wonderful world of nerve damage, when my eyes are closed, my whole body is immediately lost in space. I literally have no idea where my lower half is located if I can't look down and see it. It was a huge success to stay on my feet with my eyes closed, and Mike had me attempt to sit down with grace and control - I didn't immediately drop, but grace wouldn't be a good descriptor of what actually happened. [...]

Posted 2018-11-24T22:17:58Z


Matt, the youth pastor I’m working with, asked me for some background on the American holiday of Thanksgiving while he was preparing for his sermon this week, and, cynic that I am, I crushed his dreams with the reality that it wasn’t ever like the legends with super friendly pilgrims feeding Squanto and crew, and Americans today use it as pre-gaming for the biggest shopping day of the year. I did bring up that my favorite tradition was when we went around the table to say what we are thankful for - while admitting loads of people are sarcastic about this too. I’ve always loved doing that though, because I have loads to be thankful for all the time.[...]