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Marcia Richardson Marcia Richardson

So happy to hear about your healing so far and praying for complete healing for you. I love you!

David Hewett David Hewett

Blessing to you my precious daughter as you continue to show the world what Christ has done for you..
Your courage and passion have caused many to move forward and see Christ is a lens that draws us to Him.
I love you

Helen Spencer Helen Spencer

Glad that you are working on Resting Well! Just finished reading “Buy a Cabin”. May you find things that refresh you and there by give you renewed energy. Blessings!👍😘

Barb Richards Barb Richards

Praying for you!

Michael Michael

I just read your latest post, Laura. Such a tragedy! How can the Land of Chocolate not have chocolate chips? I'll keep praying for your continued recovery, but I'll add in some thoughts of delicious morsels as well.

The Barbers The Barbers

Awesome Laura! I knew two of our cross country runners broke personal records on Saturday at European Finals. It's also great that one of our Kandern faculty members was also setting a new personal record! Congratulations. --Coach Barber

George Wood George Wood

We continue to lift you before the Great Physician. He is able.
George and Laura Wood

Barbara Speck Barbara Speck

Continuing to pray Laura. Jesus' healing, restoration, favor with insurance companies etc...You are not alone. So many of us that you have never met are traveling with you through this valley.

Barbara Speck Barbara Speck

Rejoicing with you Laura in your "baby steps" (like from the movie, What About Bob:)

Jennifer Delzer Jennifer Delzer

Dear Laura, you have never met me. I serve on the board of Faith Bible with your dad. I just wanted to let you know that I think of you often and am praying for you.

Barbara Speck Barbara Speck

Thanks Laura for sharing so honestly with do help us in ways you will never know. Your life is an inspiration as we see God work in and through you. You are allowing yourself to be a vessel of hope, light and love. We are taken back by it and filled with courage in dealing with our own struggles and challenges.

Barbara Speck Barbara Speck

Thanks Laura for your encouragement to the whole body of Christ. I hope you can compile all these posts together to form some sort of book so your journey can be shared with even a broader audience. You are a living example of a deeper walk with Christ...we need that!

Barbara Speck Barbara Speck

Asking God for those shoe inserts!

Barbara Speck Barbara Speck

You are doing great Laura! Praise God...keep up the good work.

Mark and Sheryl Linders Mark and Sheryl Linders

You go, girl!! You are a star!!!