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Posted 2014-02-03T20:57:50Z

How did I get here?

Thousands of people from all over the world have been praying for me coming into my story at various points. One of my fantastic students asked me for a two paragraph version of my predicament so he could create a prayer card to share. I thought it would be valuable to share those two paragraphs here as well for those who have joined my story at mid point:

Comfort is overrated. In November 2012, I realized the Lord was calling me outside my comfort zone to learn dependence on him. The first step of that was moving to Germany to teach at BFA. God was gracious enough to let me thrive in that new environment while he showed me that he could provide for me in a country where I didn't speak the language. The lesson of dependence was far from over though. Little did I realize that January 18, 2014 would add a whole new level of meaning to understanding dependence on God. 
I fell in an indoor rock climbing accident that Saturday afternoon and was rushed to the University Hospital in Basel where I had a lengthy surgery to put six titanium screws in my spine to relieve pressure on my two broken vertebrae. Before the operation, the surgeon told me there was no guarantee that I would ever walk again. Now, two weeks later, there is still no guarantee of walking though there is great hope in an almighty God who has already worked miracles by giving me feeling and movement in my quadriceps. I have an indefinite stay in REHAB Basel as I continue to recover and relearn to use what muscles the Lord will give back to me. I'm praising God that his name is being made famous through this and asking in faith that he will miraculously return full function of my whole body to me so that he can be even more glorified. 
My 25th birthday is tomorrow. Will you join me in celebration of my birthday by praying with me Tuesday evening? Please find the Facebook event 'Better Than a Super Birthday Bowl' for five specific prayer requests. 
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  • Marcia Richardson
    Marcia Richardson

    Love ya girl! Praying for your total healing!! God is great and he can heal you!! Happy Birthday!!

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Tom Stoerzbach
    Tom Stoerzbach

    Was very blessed to join in your prayer party today. My wife Diana and I sat together sharing a laptop and prayed together through your requests, then worshipped together through all your suggested praise songs. It's not something we do a lot (understatement), but it was wonderful! So thanks for inviting us. Then I discovered your sense of humor that goes with your strong faith. Dayla had mentioned it, but I read your blog entries and get the picture now for myself. You are a talented writer -- and very funny! Which is probably not the norm for your situation. It's clear you're not normal. God's most loyal children usually aren't. And you're definitely one of His. So I'll be keeping up with what He does with you. And praying you can help that doctor see what makes you tick -- as God continues to get his attention with your speedy healing.

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Kristy Martin
    Kristy Martin

    Laura - I had sweet prayer yesterday with my first period Geometry class and then again with a women't bible study over lunch. Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration. We will continue to pray! All my love…

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Lovette Coston
    Lovette Coston

    Prayed for you yesterday... What an awesome thing to have birthday prayers from around the world! Birthday blessings to you for the coming year...

    7 years ago · Reply