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Posted 2014-03-07T19:48:00Z

Define catholic

I'm so grateful for all I learned in Koivisto's Ecclesiology class, and my retention was put to the test today. One of my nurses is nominally Orthodox, and she was asking me about what Catholics believe. I did my best to recap Koi's lesson of the Great Schism and following Reformation that provides me with the distinction Protestant rather than Catholic while remembering the most important thing is that if we believe the core of the core of Christianity we are all part of the church catholic - small c. The word catholic as a common noun just means general or universal. It's still funny to me that the Orthodox don't see a distinction between Catholics and Protestants; another patient here made the same generalization the other day. It's similar to how most Protestants struggle to see a distinction between the formal liturgy of the Orthodox and Catholic churches. 

However, while I realized I may have forgotten significant names and dates in church history, Koi successfully hammered into my brain that Jesus unites us all - to each other and to Himself. I am pretty excited about this new visual representation we can create together to demonstrate this. Two good friends of mine set up a website with a map you can edit to mark your name and location to see who in the world is praying for me. This is a huge encouragement for me to see, but I hope you can also be encouraged too as you see all the brothers and sisters in Christ who praise the same God all around the world and are united in requesting that he be glorified through my life and healing.

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Comments (3)

  • Sheri Hewett
    Sheri Hewett

    Can I just say that you are amazing, Laura? I love you! Jesus is certainly shining in you!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Patricia Rogers
    Patricia Rogers

    I agree with my daughter. You are affecting or effecting many many lives through your Christian views. Granny

    6 years ago · Reply
  • ginger hanford
    ginger hanford

    Well, Laura, there are people praying for you in Naples, FL, (my small group and the church prayer group) but that is not on the map because I relay your information.. Just imagine how many others are like this. :) It's even bigger than is plotted.

    6 years ago · Reply