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Posted 2014-03-04T21:40:23Z

Tasty Treats

Anyone who knows me or followed my blog pre-accident knows that the absolute hardest part about living in Europe for me is the shortage of Starbucks (and Insomnia, and Longbottom, and Stumptown, and Albina Press, and Bipartisan, and Bella Espresso) and most importantly Trader Joe's. All my care package requests read like a TJ's shopping list. Imagine my delight when two days in a row I've been blessed with TJ treats. Yesterday I got a visit from an alumnus of my high school who is a few years younger than I and currently doing a study abroad in Germany. Her mom, with the help of my own mother, commandeered a portion of Hannah's suitcase exclusively for Trader Joe's snacks for me. It was an extra treat for me to know Hannah and her friends got to tour BFA today - once you see that place, you're hooked; I'm praying for possible new staff in the coming years. 

I wasn't expecting to be blessed more than I already am, but who wouldn't be excited to see a nurse carry a giant USPS box into their room? I opened the package and started laughing out loud. My awesome aunt in Colorado literally sent me a Trader Joe's grocery bag - I mean the actual reusable bag - along with the TJ's treats to fill it. The entire box was stuffed with nothing other than Trader Joe's snacks.

I love that I can reward myself with TJ's dried fruit after a demanding day of practicing standing and sitting while correctly engaging the quadriceps that want to cheat on the way to the chair. I think my favorite part about being so incredibly loved and blessed with TJ's treats is that I have enough to share with friends who come to visit - except the kettle corn. Nobody can touch that but me. I'll be having some after my afternoon walk on the Lokomat tomorrow. Please pray for stamina as I try to increase the amount of weight I can bear as well as the length of time I can walk with it. Please pray also for the minor leg tremors that have begun. This is common with paraplegic patients who begin learning to walk, but it does need to be closely monitored. 

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Comments (8)

  • The Taylor Family
    The Taylor Family

    Never heard of Trader Joe before, being from up north ;) , but now you've got me curious...I'm gonna google it! CHEERS to the arrival of a mother lode of treats from your fav spot...great incentive as you press on with rehab! Yes, will be praying about the leg tremors. g'night Laura! h.

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Laura McGlothlin
    Laura McGlothlin

    Trader Joe's has awesome food, Helen! So excited for you, Laura - presents are always fun!!! :-)

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Lu Hawley
    Lu Hawley

    Love how you are being loved, Laura! And I will pray as requested, increased progress in standing and walking, and those leg tremors! Not to mention that heart of yours!

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Mary Jo Matousek
    Mary Jo Matousek

    Good choice on treats, sending prayers to you for continued improvement.

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Sheri Lozano
    Sheri Lozano

    Only God can put Hannah J (with her current interests/education), travel abroad and you in the same place!

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Joy Watson
    Joy Watson

    Praying about those leg tremors. So happy to know our Hillsboro girl is not going without TJ's for awhile. Love you.

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Carol Bonham
    Carol Bonham

    Fun, fun, fun. I love your aunt! Can I adopt her?

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Barb Johnson
    Barb Johnson

    So glad you and Hannah got to hang out! And I'm glad the treats made it (and didn't get eaten by Hannah and her friends!) Your momma knows you and your TJ cravings pretty well. FYI, my 4th grade class at Faith Bible prays for you every day. :

    7 years ago · Reply