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Well, I didn't get the luck of the draw. Although my cancer was detected early enough to be treated surgically, there was about a 50-50 chance that it would recur, and mine has metastasized to the liver.

Today we talked with my oncologist. No treatments would be of any use now, only adding pain and suffering for a small, if any, return of time.

So the plan is to treat whatever symptoms occur. It seems I am not likely to suffer any pain that can't be dealt with by medication, or any other dramatic symptoms. I'll just get more tired and sleep more.

The doctor has referred me to hospice care, not because of any immediate needs -- I still get around the house and care for myself ok, and expect to be able to attend some basketball games! -- but to have their assistance ready in coming months.

Please don't feel too sorry for me and Dave. We've found so much happiness in our 46 years together. We're comfortable and still finding pleasures on our last journey.

One of the big pleasures has been your loving support and good wishes. They haven't had much effect on my pancreas, but they continue to warm my heart.

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