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Posted 2012-12-18T14:17:21Z

biopsy update

Dads biopsy went well and doctor believes he was able to obtain enough tissue for the lab, praying we will soon have some answers. Doctor mentioned that dads cancer cells are a little smaller which is very unusual and he cant explain it, I told him it is called prayer. However due to this biopsy and having to use a larger needle, dad had some minor complication, pneumothorax it is a common sequence from the procedure. Dad was put on oxigen. As the day progressed, dads lung collasped due to the procedure, air and fliud surronding his lung. Dad was then admitted to the hospital to be put under doctor supervision. Late last night doctor perfomed an ultrasound thoracentesis. Gilbert Jr. spent the night at the hospital with dad caring for him, (doctors recomendations)  as soon as I have an update I will inform you all. 

Fue un exito la biopsia y el doctor piensa que obtuvo bastante tejido para el laboratorio. Mensiono que las celulas del cancer estan un poco mas reducidas, y no se lo explica, yo le mencione que se llama oracion. Mi papa esta con oxigeno. El pulmon se le hizo mas y mas chiquito por la biospia, el aire y el liquido que tiene al su alrededor del pulmon. El medico recomendo que mejor se quedara en el hospital. En la noche le sacaron el liquido. Gilito paso la noche con el (el medico recomendo que alguien se quedara). En cuanto llegue al hospital y tenga noticias les informo.

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