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Posted 2012-12-21T17:37:46Z


Just got a call from the doctor, dad has Adenocarcinoma. Im heading back to the hospital to meet up with his doctors to see what treatments are suited for dad. I know this is a short notice for everyone, however if you are interested in attending please text me to let me know you are on your way. 9098518751[...]

Posted 2012-12-18T14:17:21Z

biopsy update

Dads biopsy went well and doctor believes he was able to obtain enough tissue for the lab, praying we will soon have some answers. Doctor mentioned that dads cancer cells are a little smaller which is very unusual and he cant explain it, I told him it is called prayer. However due to this biopsy and having to use a larger needle, dad had some minor complication, pneumothorax it is a common sequence from the procedure. Dad was put on oxigen. As the day progressed, dads lung collasped due to the procedure, air and fliud surronding his lung. Dad was then admitted to the hospital to be put under doctor supervision. Late last night doctor perfomed an ultrasound thoracentesis. Gilbert Jr. spent the night at the hospital with dad caring for him, (doctors recomendations)  as soon as I have an update I will inform you all. [...]

Posted 2012-12-17T19:16:59Z

Update 2nd biopsy

Dad has minor complications, pneumothorax it is a common sequence of procedure. He is on oxygen and will have an X-ray in 4 hours. This biopsy was more agresive and a larger needle was used.

Posted 2012-12-14T14:57:03Z

Phone calls

Dad recevied an unpleasant phone call yesterday. I really wish you guys can put your pride aside and make this easy on him. He doesn't need any negativity. He or I know anymore than what you guys already know about his condition. After his phone call yesterday he cried and said he rather leave to Guadalajara and die there alone. He is very upset of the doubts, put downs, and negativity against me. please try and remember this is not about me, put your focus on dad and his feelings and what he wants. This post is not an open door to start a dispute, it is only to ask that you guys consider his feelings and wishes. I don't want him to leave to Guadalajara. THANK YOU[...]

Posted 2012-12-06T22:42:24Z


Dad is doing better and breathing is getting easier. As I stated yesterday this is not the solution to his cancer, it's only to help him breath easier. This procedure can not be done frequently. Biopsy is still pending, until then we will know what the next step is.[...]

Posted 2012-12-05T16:25:01Z


Dad has fluid built up again in his lungs and has had some discomort.  I am taking him in today to have some fluid removed so he may breath easier on his own and minimize his pain. He will also be put on pain medication. looks like the cancer in his ribs is starting to be painful. Please take into consideration that removing fluid is not the solution, it is only to give him comfort and can not be done frecuently.[...]