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Helen Lang Helen Lang

I knew Steven at Vassar where he was beloved by many. A thoughtful, fun-loving man I grieve his loss and send healing thoughts to his family.

Nancy (Barker) Meekin Nancy (Barker) Meekin

Dear Betsy, I am so sorry to hear about Steve, and so sorry for you all. Having read through the posts, I am not surprised to see that someone who had such a positive and uplifting influence on our small group of friends in the 70s went on to affect so many more people in the same way throughout his whole life. He was one of those rare people full of sunshine who with a twinkle in his eye and a smile a mile wide makes you feel excited to be alive and hopeful for all that is ahead of you. I will never forget Steve and will always be thankful for having known him. Nancy (Barker) Meekin

Nefertiti White Nefertiti White

I was so sad to hear about Steve's passing. I know my mom spent many phone calls telling me of her and Steve's work and responsibility they feel/felt toward the communities they serviced. I know he listened tirelessly to the many stories my mom shared about her grand babies. I'm glad to have known him and that my mom was able to have such a great friend in this fight for justice and equality. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers, wishing you all strength as you continue this journey and honoring his legacy.

Our condolences,
Nefertiti, Tamar, & Nylah
Naeema's girls

Flora Lu Flora Lu

I met Steve while I was a faculty member at UNC from 2003-2008, given our overlapping scholarship and activism on environmental justice. Through NCEJN and the Concerned Citizens of Tillery, I had the privilege and honor of getting to know such an incredibly caring, engaged, funny, dedicated, and brilliant man, whose humility and kindness touched all those who knew him. He was a fierce, committed, and unwavering supporter of low-income communities of color burdened by environmental degradation and systemic environmental racism, and by example, he taught me how to use my power and privilege as a member of the academy for good. Steve was an inspiration to me and so many others, and we will continue the fight for environmental and social justice in his memory, something so badly needed right now in this country. My deepest condolences go out to his heart breaks for you.

Lib Hutchby Lib Hutchby

Dear dear Steve, you were on our minds and in our hearts over at Bricks and now, I'd like you to know that it's an every day gratitude for you that I speak. Thank you for being a founder of the amazing Environmental Justice Network! You speak truth to power every day and as your voice is not heard in public as much, let it be known that your voice has made a difference even in the particles of the air we breathe.

Thank you for having the character that teaches truth, lives truth, researches for the truth, offers demonstrations of the truth, and loves enjoying relationships with the Earth and those who make music of life's truths. As your family, friends, students, and total strangers hold you in the Light, may your spirit be encouraged to keep singing while you let others love you and take care of you and keep saying nice things about you:) Love that smile on your face!

Mary Catherine (Kitty) Bass Mary Catherine (Kitty) Bass

Steve, much appreciation, thanksgiving, gratitude for you, your work, your inspiration! And many thoughts now for your healing, peace, and wholeness. Truly I will never forget your shining example for dealing with life, facts, justice,and our environment. Kitty Bass, from the hog country of Duplin!, much love - to you and your family

Keval Kaur Khalsa Keval Kaur Khalsa

Greetings, Steve, You are such a Light and inspiration. For many years now, I have so admired your passion for justice, your courage, your commitment and your calibre. You are one of the finest people I have the privilege to know. And you always tore it up on the piano, too! I love you, my brother, and my heart, my thoughts and prayers are with you. All love, Keval Khalsa

Laura Vanderbeck Laura Vanderbeck

Steve and Betsy,

Our hearts, thoughts, prayers and all the light we can bring in are with you at this time. I wish we had known you better. I wish we had made more of an effort. We have always appreciated your expertise, knowledge and willingness to stand up for the people and areas that don't have a voice. We love your
tenacity in the face of injustice. We love your music that you clearly love, too. You are the bright star of our human family and the loss of your presence here will be keenly felt.

I (Laura) , personally, do not believe in death. I know the body dies, but I also know (from irrefutable personal experience) that the soul and the spirit live on. Steve, I know that you will still be with us no matter what happens in the human sphere, so I won't say good-bye. Only that we love you and you are a model; for what a human can be and for what real courage looks like. We will see you again, my friend. If not in this realm, then in another.

Laura (and Tom) Vanderbeck

Arnie Gundesen Arnie Gundesen

Hi Steve, Arnie Gundersen here. In some ways I hardly know you, but in other ways, I feel bound to you and your truth-seeking for more than a lifetime. I share with you this ancient Native American message as an appreciation of all you do for humanity. "May you live your life in such a way that when you are born, you cry and the world rejoices, and when you die you rejoice and the world cries." I am a better man for knowing and working with you. Thank you! Arnie

Nancy LaPlaca Nancy LaPlaca

Thank you for your service and courage, and for your willingness to give so much to your community!

Chris Nadolski Chris Nadolski

Dear Steve, Betsy, Ann, & Marion,
You all are forever in our hearts & thoughts. You all will never know how much your friendship has meant to Lindsey over the years!! Steve; your love & talent for music has truly inspired her to keep music in her life.
We are sending hugs to you all.
Chris & Keith

David Lewis David Lewis

My dear friend Steve. I thought about you a lot last weekend as I drove down to Thomasville GA to see Anne Ellis, a high school friend who was the only other student from our graduating class to go into scientific research for a career. Her mother, who is 98 and in good health, let me know Anne was asking for me. I visited her at home last year when our class had its 50th reunion.

I made it in time to spend a couple of hours holding hands and talking about her last research project, which she wanted me to help her publish. Her hospice worker had to give her a pain shot, and she drifted off to sleep. All I could do is pray that God would not let her suffer any longer. Her mother called me the next morning. Anne passed away just a couple of hours after I left. Her mother said she had been holding on until she could see me one last time. Her mother asked me to speak at her memorial service this weekend, and I plan to pick up the draft of her last paper and see what i can do to get it published.

If you would, Steve, just let me know if there is anything at all that I can do for you.

Love always,

Dana Powell Dana Powell

Dear Steve, What a joy it was to witness the abundance of love, gratitude, and Steve-inspired scholarship & activism at the annual NCEJN Summit last week. Wow. What you've created. Then I got to celebrate you along with Gary Grant later that afternoon and see the refraction of your labor and love, yet again, as he discussed your work with my students. You got us all here. Thank you! ~Dana Powell

Sarah Sauer Sarah Sauer

Steve, We are heartbroken. Words can not express our gratitude for all you have done. You and your family are in our prayers and know your rewards will be great in heaven...for you are truly are a great man and scientist... A man of integrity, principles, courage, a man of truth, kindness and grace. May God be with you..
Cindy, Joe and Sarah