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Steve Wing - Journal

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Posted 2016-11-09T17:24:31Z

November 9th

It is with great sadness that we write this. Steve died peacefully this morning at home with Betsy, Ann and Marion at his side. His five weeks at home with hospice care were filled with sunshine, happy visits with friends and family and an amazing ability to remain engaged with the world in spite of rapidly declining health. It wasn’t until the last couple of days that it became evident that he wasn’t going to be here much longer.[...]

Posted 2016-11-01T13:34:24Z

November update

Steve has been at home with hospice care for a month now. Happily, October brought us weeks of warm, sunny days that coaxed him out to our patio on many occasions to enjoy the sunshine and fall foliage, to talk with visitors, and to watch his grandchildren play. There has, however, been a marked decline in his energy and stamina in recent days. While still mobile, he uses a cane for stability, and he increasingly seeks and finds comfort and tranquility by resting quietly indoors.[...]

Posted 2016-10-02T14:09:34Z

October update

Since the last update, Steve finished a course of the final chemo drug available for him. He saw his oncologist on Thursday and his labs showed that his cancer had progressed in spite of the chemo. And unfortunately, at this point his cancer is too far advanced for him to be eligible for the clinical trial that he was wait-listed for. So he is out of treatment options. He has been referred to hospice and we are scheduled for our first home visit next week.[...]

Posted 2016-09-02T23:15:56Z

September Update

Steve's CT scan and lab work this week showed what we had begun to suspect, that the liver tumors have increased (significantly so) in size and number, so clearly the chemo he had been on was not working and thus it’s been discontinued. He has limited options at this point. The clinical trial we've been looking towards still has not opened, and even then Steve is #5 on the waiting list. There is another maintenance type oral chemo drug out there with a record of limited effectiveness and worse side effects than the one he just got off. Not a promising or appealing option, but he’s willing to give it a try if it will buy him enough time to get into the clinical trial. Meanwhile, it will be a few weeks until he can start on the new chemo, so Steve will be off treatment until later this month, and it could be several weeks before there’s any news regarding his eligibility for the trial.[...]

Posted 2016-08-15T23:51:11Z

August Update

Not too much to report since the last update. Steve is on the third cycle of the oral chemotherapy that he began in June. The biggest difference that he has noticed between it and the IV chemo is that there’s no rebound or feeling more normal between cycles. The fatigue is persistent. In spite of this, he is keeping up with work and doing some music gigs (check the calendar tab for dates and venues), as well as enjoying visits with family and friends.
Steve is scheduled for a CT scan at the end of the month. This will give us a better picture, literally, of how well the current chemo is working to slow the growth of the liver tumors. So there will be a post early next month after we’ve met with his oncologist to discuss the scan and next steps.
As always, thank you for your support and care.[...]

Posted 2016-06-28T01:49:04Z

June Update

Steve is now 6+ weeks post-surgery. Recovery has been slow, not unexpected considering how severely compromised he had become in the months leading up to the surgery. With a real concerted effort, he has finally regained a little weight! Thanks for the many suggestions for and contributions of appetizing and nutritious meals and snacks.[...]

Posted 2016-05-23T17:42:00Z

Back Home!

Turns out that Steve did not have an abdominal infection after all; whatever was going on with his white blood count resolved itself without intervention, so last Friday with everything else looking good he was cleared for discharge. Things are going well at home so far. The biggest challenges are keeping him well-nourished and gaining weight. So we’re trying to be creative with ways to pack on the calories and nutrients in enticing small bites (any suggestions?).[...]