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Alison Harwood DeWalle Alison Harwood DeWalle

People will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

I knew her as Mrs. Marchand and she always made me feel welcome! She was warm, lively and always made me feel valued as a child. She had a great laugh. I remember what a good influence she was when Sarah and I made up a fake charity for squirrels (or was it raccoons?) when we were probably 8 or 9 and raised money around their neighborhood. Mrs. Marchand took us back around to each house and made us explain ourselves, apologize, and return all the donations as quite the humbling learning experience that I have clearly never forgotten! Princetonians will always remember her for her service to the community. She will be missed and remembered fondly! Much love to all The Marchands!

Ginny mason Ginny mason

oh phyllis
i cannot remember when i didn't know you? our paths crossed in so many places...political events, cultural events, environmental rallies, library events, bridge games, tennis fund raisers and social gatherings. But 2 occasions stand out in my memory: academy awards, i have had a party/pot luck for 42 years and you have been to all of them staying to the very end...we love the movies. the other memory is when you came to visit with me at my beloved home in the adirondacks en route to skidmore . we spent hours walking around my community, meeting my friends and walking to the lake and just being. as we say at 4th lake "you get it"
Phyliss you will be so missed by me and everyone i know!

Ann Harwood Ann Harwood

So deeply sad to hear of Phyllis's passing. I have such laughter-filled memories of parenting our daughters' (Sarah and Alison) adventures and mis-adventures at Johnson Park School. Wonderful thoughtful meetings and discussions over the years of "us women born in 1940." She was an inspiration for all that she did, her intelligence, dedication, stick-to-it-iveness, and humor. Every possible healing wish to Sy and family.
Ann Harwood

william green william green

To begin with the most important personal connection: Phyllis married my wife, Diane, and me on our deck, out on Cordova Rd in Princeton in 1997, for which, on every occasion of recalling that, namely on every anniversary and on every occasion meeting Phylis in town, at McCarter, at meetings, etc. we reminded each other of that special day, and of the special effort she made to honor us by performing the ceremony.
And second, Phyllis recruited me to the McCarter Board, one of the positions of which I am most proud in my 45 years in Princeton. She and I were among the many huge fans of McCarter, promoting it is deeply and widely as possible . Her enthusiasm was contagious, as it was for many things.
Finally, I knew of her long illness and of how courageously she handled it, with innumerable trips to Penn to be in very rare treatments, some of which took their own toll. And not only did she not complain, she was proud of the contribution she was making toward future treatment for others.
I sure will miss her smile and her great spirit.
Bill Green

Rose Nini Rose Nini

Phyllis was a rare treasure--her life a gift to this community and to those of us who were privileged to call her our friend, our mayor, our mentor... She will forever remain my inspiration for how to live with gusto and to serve others in whatever way possible.

Thank you Sy, Michael, Deborah and Sarah for sharing her with us. May knowing how deeply she was loved, admired and appreciated by so many help ease the pain of her loss.

With love and deep sympathy,

Betty Roach Betty Roach

From the time Ron and I moved to the Princeton area, Phyllis and I shared so much. Our chidren played together, we had mutual friends, our families entertained each other, we were both on Consumer Bureau, we agreed politically and spent a great deal of time with each other. Moving to CA, Ron and I both missed Phyllis and Si, although we talked about the possibilty of a visit. The one guilty pleasure Phylis and I shared was our love of the Academy Awards. It wasn't intellectual, but we would both stay up as late as is took to learn the final winners. The next day, we would compare notes and opinions. Our interest diminished a little in later years, but I had planned to call and ask Phyllis if she planned to watch this year, even though I had not seen any of the nominated movies. Phyllis brought both fun and serious pursuits into her life. She will be so missed by all of us.
Betty and Ron Roach

Connie Mercer Myers Connie Mercer Myers

Dear Sy , Michael, Deborah, Sarah,

No passing is easy to accept but sometimes, as in the case of Phyllis, there is a certain pride and peace in knowing that she couldn’t have lived her life any better. Phyllis joined the HomeFront board many years after she laid down her mayor’s gavel, but she brought us the same ego-free strength, joie de vivre and aspirational but practical governing style that had stood her in such good stead for so many years in Princeton Township.

I learned so much about resilience, strength and commitment from Phyllis – watching her come to our Board meetings directly from a Chemo infusion was next level.

She was a doting grandmother and her vision for HomeFront was always about sustainability into a future that would be inhabited by her grandkids. She was such a great and gifted lady, and I am deeply grateful that she shared herself with HomeFront, and infused into our cultural and governance lasting changes which will be part of her incredible legacy.

Connie Mercer

Michelle Pirone Lambros Michelle Pirone Lambros

Missing my dear friend Phyllis Marchand. As so many of us mourn her passing, I wanted to share a bit about the Phyllis I knew. She had such a profound impact on me in the very short time of our friendship. Even through battling her disease, her spirit never wavered. She was always busy…going to events, to concerts, to plays… she never missed an opportunity to interact. Her energy was infectious. Her love of Princeton and the residents here was obvious in everything she did. She was everywhere and knew everyone.

Our conversations were always centered around local politics, the latest Council initiatives, how we could help our businesses, and generally what we could do to make our town better.

I know that I am not alone in saying that Phyllis had a deep influence and impact on me. Her zest for life, for public service, and for her family were an inspiration. With all she faced health wise she always maintained her persistent positive attitude. She was my mentor, my coach, and my very dear friend. I will miss her, as she will be missed by so many. May we all be comforted knowing she is now at rest. Love you Phyllis.

Brandon Mathews Brandon Mathews

One brilliant Spring day on Palmer Square, Mrs Marchand stopped me to enthuse about my recent good news. That memory is decades old but her warmth and interest in the moment keep it vivid today.

I am grateful to have known her just a little. I like the Marchands a lot. I send my condolences and wish happy memories of her good energy for her many friends, colleagues, and family.

Robert Durkee Robert Durkee

Phyllis, as these posts attest, you had so many friends, touched so many lives, made so much of Princeton a better place. We are all so fortunate to have known you. Our paths crossed many times, at Township Committee, at McCarter, and even while running in the hospital's 10K races. I was always grateful for your perceptive insight and your candid counsel; for having the courage of your convictions and acting on them; for your persistence and determination; and for always standing for what was good and right and fair. I will miss you. And to Sy and the rest of your family, my deepest sympathies; may the light of Phyllis's life help assuage at least some of the pain of her loss.

Richard D Stoolman Richard D Stoolman

Dear Sy, Michael, Deborah, and Sarah,
We are very saddened to hear of the passing of cousin Phyllis. I have very fond memories of our families getting together at our Yardley house in the 1970's. She was a very kind, dynamic person so full of love and energy. We will miss her. Our condolences to all the family.
Rich and Mary Stoolman

Laurie Emde Laurie Emde

As a D&R Greenway employee since 1995, I got to see Phyllis in action many times. A happy memory ... the songs Phyllis crafted for signature events – and sang with unbridled enthusiasm. Marvelous! Phyllis was always approachable, always engaging, and always a joy whether I found her in the café at U Penn awaiting treatment or at Marshalls hunting for red, white and blue accessories when she was Princeton’s mayor or enjoying appetizers and conversation at a fundraiser. Phyllis was a remarkable woman … she will be deeply missed.
Laurie Emde, Director of Operations, D&R Greenway Land Trust

Scott Scott

Dear Sy, Michael, Deborah and Sarah-

We are all so saddened by the news. Phyllis meant so much to our entire family, and I'm glad Teri was able to share that with all of you. I first got to know Phyllis through various community activities. Phyllis was warm and welcoming, and it was easy to be taken in by her passion and energy. It didn't take long for her to quickly become a dear cherished family friend. I am grateful for her encouragement, support and loyalty over the years working on many local political issues.
I will always remember Phyllis as a force and loved our discussions about politics, all things Princeton and the NY Mets. I'll always remember taking the train with Phyllis out to Citi Field for a game. The images of me trying to keep up with her as she quickly ran ahead of me in Penn Station to catch the connecting train and taking in her enjoyment as she showed me around the stadium are forever etched in my mind.
Our family will always cherish the excitement Phyllis showed when we welcomed our daughter in 2002. Since that time time, she continued to cement her role as "Auntie" Phyllis.
We are all grateful and better for having her in our lives.

Scott Carver

Rogie Rome Rogie Rome

My deepest condolences to you and the entire family. Phyllis's passing will leave a big hole in our entire community. She contributed so much to all of us, and was always such an optimistic person. We kept trying to play bridge together, but never quite got there. Out frequent Women's Dinners will really miss her!
Rogie and Martin Rome and Ruth Bender

Holly Welles Holly Welles

Dear Sy and to all of your family,

Phyliss, as you know, was larger than life itself. She was always warm, welcoming, kind, thoughtful, and giving. Of all the people I've met since coming to Princeton 14 years ago, she gave me the best insights to all things political within the community and she always had great stories to share. I will miss her and her sense of humor. She could be so funny. We we often shared a good laugh. I'll think of her particularly, whenever I go the the Greenway.

Thanks you for sharing her with us. She was a bright light. My thoughts are with all of you.

Holly Welles