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Walkers journey home

A place for friends and family to get updates on Walkers progress on his journey home

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From his beloved Mema to his family

Loved ones - it was a roller coaster day - that is the only way to explain it - many things happened - and there were moments in my humanity That i allowed that terrible doubt to slip in - but just for a second - all in all - even though I have only been there yesterday and today - as all of you have told me - during my absence because I had been sick - my time would come - and in Gods perfect timing - I believe it has - each of you stepped up and were “there” - when I could not be - fixer that I am - I had to learn I can’t FIX anything - so painful as my first day was yesterday - “I will not give up unless I am absolutely forced to “- as none of you will - today I saw such a difference - such a difference - not only with our Walker - but with his mama - we got this now - we all do!!!!  His mama and I were both very truthful today with Walker - we had WONDERFUL “conversations” with him - he knows now and understands the direness of the situation - and I believe with everything in me that HE WANTS TO LIVE - and he understands what he has to do ---we all - including PT worked him hard today - we stood firm - did not relent - I laid out a time frame for him - and we will continue tomorrow but even more intense than today - and the next and the next - God has something special for Walker - something that he would have never dreamed of nor would we - but I believe he has a purpose and he WILL fight and live ---and fulfill this purpose - so to me - this was a wonderful roller coaster day - I am excited to awake tomorrow and continue Walkers Journey Home - miraculous that it will be - how blessed each of us are to be able to be a part of this - I love all dearly - everyone Give it to God and GO TO SLEEP tonight

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