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Walkers journey home

A place for friends and family to get updates on Walkers progress on his journey home

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“Tough times don’t last but tough people do”, Said my father-in-law, Dudley yesterday at the end of a very tough day.

We are finding, especially Candy, that taking on a complicated rehab, like Walkers, is very hard, very hard indeed. Walker is enjoying being home for sure but coming home has also made the reality of the situation hit home. And that’s a tough reality!

The reality is it will take a lot of time for his recovery, how long not sure but definitely months. And that’s ok cause he’s tough and he will overcome to regain his life. And apparently he and I have a dinner date with a giant margarita in a tropical location in the future as he told me upon waking this am of a dream he had last night. That sounds like fun. But right now not so much.

And you can’t make this stuff up, Candy woke me up at 715am today telling me Laura, our 15 yr old daughter who is visiting family in Atlanta, has called several times because she is in pain and needs to go to an emergency facility. Really!! Yes, really. Back into crisis mode, aaahhhgain. 

Cassidy takes her to a small outpatient place and they send her to the hospital as she is in immense pain, a level 10 she said around her mid section. They do all kinds of testing thinking probably an appendix so I’m thinking take a flight ASAP. After lots of test they determine it’s a kidney stone. 👍 she will be fine with some good pain meds and rest, whew! Dodged a another bullet, thank you God.

This seems like a good time to share with you how this whole crazy mess started in the beginning of March. The best way to tell it is by reading this little ditty I wrote to a tune from The Sound of Music playing in your head, “sixteen going on seventeen”, it’s called “It’s a McKnight Life” 

Vertigo Monday - (Candy March 4th)

Throwing up Tuesday - (Walker)

All in a McKnight Life


Stroke trauma Wednesday - (Candy)

Ramsey Hunt Thursday - (Candy)

All in a McKnight Life


Severe pneumonia Friday - (Walker)

Passing out Saturday - (Laura hit in head while at cheer competition and passes out)

All in a McKnight Life


Collapsed Lung to chest tube

Airlift to ECMO saved his life - (Walker)


On our way to Sunday

Where HE makes everything just all right


Its all in a McKnight Life

It’s all in a McKnight Life

It’s all in a McKnight Life


You can’t make this stuff up. Amen!



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