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Walkers journey home

A place for friends and family to get updates on Walkers progress on his journey home

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Posted 2019-10-30T04:05:00Z

10 - 29. Steady as he goes

We are 3 plus weeks past our last ICU stay, Candy has been successfully managing Walkers care keeping him on track and improving. We are all feeling good that we are on the upswing that we have turned a corner, cleared a massive hurdle, breathing a little easier today. Knock-on-wood. Thank you Lord!!

Walker had his first night out with friends (no parents in tow) this Sunday past having dinner out for a birthday celebration. He had a great time, gaining ground feeling stronger and more independent. He has been training harder with his awesome physical therapist Robert and he graduates to the next level of physical rehab next week.

Bless his Mom as she is doing great work helping Walker everyday each step of the way. We are starting to see some light shining in at the end of this tunnel, praise God!!! Lots more work ahead but nothing we can’t handle after all we have been through. Dave

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