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Walkers journey home

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Continuum of Life; This is not our home!

January 10, 2020

New Decade New Author

As Dave continues to get busier with work and school, both Walker and I are planning to help with posting.  It is very important to us to keep all of you updated on this journey.  Our sweet boy continues to push forward he has had some great things happen the first part of January.  This week he received the news that after 61/2 months of rehab he will "graduate" at the end of this month! He will move into the "next phase" and start a medical fitness program that will help to transition and support him while he continues to learn how to manage his conditions. This is "huge" as all of you know, where he started was the very beginning.  Unable to lift his arms, move his legs, sit up or even stick out his tongue.  He has made MASSIVE improvement and we are so proud of his tenacity.  He also started using a portable oxygen machine called the "Inogen" instead of pulling large oxygen canisters. This morning he had dialysis and when he finished he just sat in the car and cried because he feels like he is getting his life back again.  Amazing how a simple piece of equipment can change the life of someone, and we are so grateful.

We continue to praise God for the joy and miracle of having Walker home, hearing his voice, hugging him and laughing with him I am reminded everyday of how God can call our loved one home whether we are ready for it or not.  Our Christmas was such a precious celebration, you see, on Christmas Eve we learned my dad has a terminal stage 4 aggressive brain cancer called glioblastoma. On the 26th he had a biopsy and was scheduled to go home the next day.  Unfortunately my dad is not the same and has been at Orlando Health since.  Clearly we have learned that time and quality of life is now our goal for my dad.  Yesterday, mom and I signed with hospice for support as we bring dad home where he is surrounded by pictures of family and friends. We have moved a hospital bed into the living room and will have help 24/7 until the day he takes his last breath and Jesus calls him home.  Don't you know my Nana will be one the first to welcome him home!

It is with both pain and joy to post to you tonight.  These pictures are so important to us.  You see, the first picture is of Walker and Dr. Hundley. On St. Patrick"s Day it was the actions of this wonderful doctor who stepped over all red tape and had Walker emergently air lifted to Advent Health to be placed on ECMO.  He saved Walker's life, he gave the AMAZING team at Advent Orlando the chance to step in, take over and save Walker.  If it were not for my dad being in the hospital, who knows when Dr. Hundley and Walker would have met.  I firmly believe this was part of God's plan.  We had not stepped foot in Orlando Health since St. Patrick's Day.  However, going through surgery with dad, being present in the surgery waiting room on the 4th floor and then ICU. This was the same floor and the same doctor that cared for both my dad and Walker. I know the compassionate hand from above directed this journey, it allowed us all to close some painful memories of Walkers experience. As our family and friends have started to hear about the devastating news of my dad, wonderful old friends have been coming to see dad.  Our first visitor was of course the marvelous Gary Chancey.  Someone with whom has been so close to my family since I was very young.  How kind it was to see Gary and I know dad truly appreciated his visit.  The last picture is of my mom and dad.  This has been quite the shock for my mom, she has loved him all of her life. 

So as we continue to praise and thank God we ask for His gentle, beloved and gracious hand to hold this family close as we go through the journey of being with my dad till his last breath.

"There Was Jesus"

In the waiting, in the searching

In the healing, in the hurting

Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces

Every minute, every moment

Where I've been or where I'm going

Even when I didn't know it

Or couldn't see it

There was Jesus
















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