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Walkers journey home

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Posted 2020-03-18T01:33:59Z

Happy ECMO Day!

As always, answered prayer, after my request last Thursday night for prayers for Walker, Candy drove him back to AdventHealth about lunchtime Friday. They admitted him in the afternoon back to his beloved 5th fl. This time God put him with a different doctor and this one had a new take on what to do to improve his condition. She ordered a 10 day round of steroids, gave him breathing treatments every 20 minutes, and tried a different muscle relaxant than he ever had before. All this worked wonders! Answered prayers! What difference a new perspective can make.

Candy wrote today on Facebook - “One year ago today will go down as the single most life changing event. At 6pm there was an acute change in Walkers condition, ICU doors were open all the lights were on, machine alarms were sounding and multiple physicians were in his room. I remember two hands gently moving me to the chair as someone dressed me in gown,gloves and a mask. I knew this situation before because I had been a nurse all too much in these scenarios.

They could not oxygenate Walker and his saturation was dropping, no matter what they tried Walkers sats kept dropping. Then I heard Dr. Hunley say that’s it! I am getting him on ECMO now and run out to the nurses station. All the while I began to hear a new voice in the room, it was the hospital pastor saying the Lord’s Prayer out loud over Walker. My mind rushing thinking how can this be? No! No! No! He can’t be dying!!!! I felt the grasp of my husband and sister and we shortly began to stand over Walker and pray out loud to our God begging for mercy.

I remember the number 17, Walker needs to fight, needs to hold on for 17 minutes while they fly him to Advent. We heard the chopper had landed and were told go head over to Advent now. Four cars full of family and close friends raced through downtown towards Advent Orlando. I remember looking out the window and seeing so many happy people wearing green and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

We all made it to Advent ran to the CVOR waiting room when we heard the chopper land. My son was on the helicopter, my son! We quickly lined up down the CVOR hallway and watched as the ORMC team ran him down the hall to the CVOR. We were all yelling, “Come on Walker, you can do this, fight, fight , fight!!!” He disappeared behind double doors, that was it, we have done all we can. Just a moment later we were allowed to very quickly see Walker give him a last kiss and tell him we love him. The doors to the OR opened and we were summoned to the waiting room.”

Today we celebrate Walker’s 2nd birthday, to celebrate the day his life was saved one year ago. Thanks be to God for all he has done and continues to do to protect and preserve our family. Thank you to all of you who have shared this journey with us through prayer, contributions, and loving on us in many ways. We are that much better because of you! So we celebrate Walker’s life and we celebrate your life, for connecting with us and supporting us. May God Bless you and your family, keep you safe through these difficult times.

Much love The McKnights


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