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Year end donations on Behalf of Derek Zell Young

Hello everyone,

Derek was a very selfless person.  I think that was very obvious to the many people who were fortunate enough to meet him. 

So I was thinking the other day how to give back to the charities that actually helped Derek and my family during this time in our lives.  The best way I thought of was to post a list of the charities that actually helped us out one way or another.  If anyone was thinking of giving a year end donation on behalf of Derek, I would ask that you consider donating to one of these charities.  These smaller charities actually gave tangible real world help.  I am sorry if I missed any charity who helped us out.  I was not the most organized when I was in the middle of everything.



Post Hope - Let me start with this very website.  Unlike other similar websites, I have never seen an ad for a donation from this website and the donation button is not obvious.

Miracle Flights - When we needed to fly to Pittsburgh, Miracle Flights helped with some of the expense for flying.  Just click on donation.

Hearts and Hands

KTIS -  was Derek's favorite radio station (KTIS did not directly give assistance but Derek would ask for the music)

Missions 4 Maureen

Iron Matt (The Matthew Larson Foundation for Pediatric Brain Tumors)

Blair's Tree of Hope

Friends 4 Michael

B+ Foundation

Pinky Swear Foundation

Party for a Purpose

Wishes and More

Sorry if I missed anyone. If I find more I will add them to the list.


Please do not donate on behalf of Derek to the big national so-called cancer "charities".


On behalf of my family, Have a Merry Christmas

We miss Derek very much

Thank you and God Bless


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    Your family was blessed to have had so many wonderful charities support. Most I have not heard of before. Now I will take a look at them. Mom

    one year ago · Reply
  • rebecca

    God bless you and your family!

    10 months ago · Reply

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