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Patricia L Schaber Patricia L Schaber

Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing in the joys and sorrows of what it means to be human. It brings me back to what is important in life- love, relationships, connections to the world around us. I remember the day Derek passed as if it were today. We danced in the rain for Derek, celebrating his short but in a sense long life. He connected people in a way few of us can. His story is profound- we know so little about this world, this life. Derek seemed to have it figured out. Thank you for your words and presence! I will keep him in my heart today.

judy haglund judy haglund

continuing in prayer for your family with love, Judy and Lyle

Patricia L Schaber Patricia L Schaber

A beautiful and fitting grave stone. Solid, graceful, inspirational, ever present. A tribute to a person who was all these to us. We miss you Derek.

Val Host Val Host

Angela, Kate, and Zell
Our prayers are with you. We know you have tears of deep sadness and joy. We love you and grieve with you. May our Lord hold you during this difficult time. Val & Ron Host family

Cathy Berwald Cathy Berwald

3 "C" words come to mind when I reflect on Derek..... caring, compassionate and courageous! (May I add cute to that list!) He showed such care for his family and others around him. He was compassionate about the big things and the little things in life. He was beyond courageous as he faced each new day with whatever was before him, since day one of his diagnosis up until his last breath when Jesus took him home. It really touched my heart to see Derek at the Children's Christmas service at church, in his wheel chair, so focused on the angelic, smiling face of his little sister as she sang her heart out along with her Sunday school friends. Derek's little foot has indeed left a big footprint on this earth and in our hearts. What a blessing and a joy to know him! What a witness Derek has been to everyone he's crossed paths with, even to those he didn't know who came to visit him at home as he lay so peacefully, holding his wooden cross closely and with compassion. Such a journey he has traveled in his brief 8 years with us, and what a time this is to be grateful to the Lord who allowed this precious young boy to be a part of your lives and our lives. I pray God continues to bring you peace as you continue your journey here on earth, until that amazing day when we all reach our ultimate goal of salvation! (as Pastor shared with us this morning in his message). Your strength is such a reflection of your faith!

Susan Bird Susan Bird

My prayers are with you and your family. Derek has touched so many lives. Your faith and commitment were an inspiration to us all and gave him the peace he needed. He has left a lasting impression in everyone's heart. He is now in the arms of God.

Denise Tomniczak Denise Tomniczak

Derek is a shining example of true and unwavering faith. Love and hugs to all of you - our prayers continue for peace and comfort.

Terri Nagle Terri Nagle

If I were able to perform a miracle I certainly would. I'm sad you have to go through this. I know your faith will help carry you. No parent should ever have to be in your shoes. God has a plan for sweet Derek. My love to you all Terri

Margaret Meier Margaret Meier

Continuing to ask Jesus for a miracle, but also asking Him to help us keep our eyes on Jesus! May He also continue to give Derek and the family peace and love!

Terri Nagle Terri Nagle

Hello to all of you. You are the bravest family I know. I'm so blessed to know you. I wish peace and love to you all. Hugs& kisses!! Terri N

Julie emanuel Julie emanuel

Hang in there my heart hurts so much for u all. God bless that little guy. He's more mature then most. Love u all

Giselle Mejia Giselle Mejia

Dearest Derek,
You are such a treasured soul to all of us at Curio Dance. I am thinking about you all of the time. You and your family are a true blessing! We love you so much and I send it out "In The Air" every breathe that I take. I wish you peace with every breathe, beautiful dancer. Your light is brighter than a star and I feel so fortunate to know you. Love, Giselle Mejia

Julie emanuel Julie emanuel

My thoughts and prayers are with all of u. I can't imagine how difficult this has to be. Much love sent to all. Julie Emanuel

Margaret Meier Margaret Meier

May God give healing to Derek and encouragement to the family.

Hazel Mortenson Hazel Mortenson

Sorry to here you were not feeling. Stay strong. GGrandpa and I are praying for you.