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Posted 2014-10-08T19:25:00Z

The best is yet to be

Not quite a week has passed since we had Daniel's appointment with the doctor, and things are moving quickly. Thank goodness we feel like we are in good hands!

Daniel's MRI is scheduled for this coming Friday. He will be sedated and taken for the scan. I'm terrified. I can't quite out what's scaring me more. The idea of my little man being sedated, or the idea that there might be something wrong. It feels silly, because Emma has gone through sedation and testing multiple times, and of course I have been worried sick about her. I know that there isn't anything to worry about, really. Mentally I'm used to it, used to the necessity of it. I simply don't want Daniel's testing to be another necessity.

I have been scheduled for further testing, including a liver and kidney ultrasound, along with some more blood tests. They will all happen toward the end of the month. I honestly am not worried about me.

This weekend we had our family photos taken at the local Children's Museum. Emma hated every second. She hated all the people, all the noises, all the commotion. The only part she liked was staring into the indoor water features, and touching the fountains. It broke my heart watching her struggle. The photographer was very understanding, and I'm hopeful she got a couple of family shots where Emma wasn't sad. Poor little bear. We had considered purchasing a family membership when we arrived. We left thinking that wouldn't be a good idea.

On Sunday we went to Treinen Farm Corn Maze. After the disaster at the museum, I was really worried that this was going to be a bad experience also. Thank goodness Daniel loved it, and Emma really seemed to enjoy seeing the farm animals. We'll go back again this year.

Yesterday I found out I've been selected to participate in this year's Wisconsin Partners in Policymaking class, and I am really excited. Wisconsin Partners in Policymaking is a six-session advocacy and systems change training program designed to develop a group of future leaders across the state, who are able to work with legislators and communities on policies and initiatives that will support the full participation and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life. I'm really humbled to have this opportunity.


It's feeling like a long week. Keep these little ones in your thoughts.

Big hugs,

Katy x

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Comments (4)

  • kim lockard
    kim lockard

    Will do. And congratulations on your new position.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Shannon J
    Shannon J

    You may see if the museum has special need hours. A group got it started down here and I think it is once a month before the museum opened to the general public. They keep the lights low and there are less people, so it is way less overwhelming.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Gillian Cairns
    Gillian Cairns

    Thanks for the update Katy, fingers crossed all goes well with Daniels MRI. Sounds like you will be the perfect candidate for WI Partners in Policymaking too. Take care and look forward to seeing your Mum and dad next week😊

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Christina Payne
    Christina Payne

    Thanks for your update I do hope Daniels MRI goes ok and they do not find any problems you have enough at the moment as a mother you always worry about your children love you all \norman & Chris XXX

    6 years ago · Reply