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Jan Householder Jan Householder

I am the Founder and Executive Director of The Giving Doll. Thank you so much for telling the story of how our dolls have touched your family. We feel very blessed to be able to make and give these dolls to help comfort very special children.

Lodema Lines Lodema Lines

Keep fighting and we'll keep praying! I LOVE the video and that laugh is precious! Had to watch it a few times :D

Hannah Harniess Hannah Harniess

Hi Morgans, thanks for sharing the blog and the journey with us Katy, and I'm so sorry the insurance company are adding a burden and further challenges to you all. I think they may have underestimated the force of Katy Morgan when choosing this battle (the Katy I remember from Worthing was never a walk over!!). Really praying that your points will be considered and they react justly and with compassion for Emma. She's a fighter too I am sure, I love the video of her laughing! Thinking of you and keeping you all in our prayers, Hannah xxx

Amy Wells Amy Wells

Hi Katy, Adam, Emma and Daniel
Your most recent post has inspired me to get in touch. I've followed your babies' lives through pictures and status updates since they were born and have enjoyed watching them grow. I was shocked to read your post about Emma's condition and touched by the poem 'Welcome to Holland'. Its sentiments echo mine. All children are unique and all have their own joys and challenges. As much as you must be reeling, I'm confident that you're the sort of person and mother who will find the best way through this. Your daughter is one lucky little girl. It's been years since we've been in touch and I didn't feel it was my place to say any of this to you as you must have plenty of family and close friends around you. However your last post changed my mind. As a mother of 2 little ones I know how all consuming they are. You are doing a great job.
Thinking of you.
Love Amy x

Izzy & Ellie Flack Izzy & Ellie Flack

To Emma: I love your pictures. You have a really happy smile. Love Izzy xx

To Katy: You are, quite simply, amazing. If anyone can give Emma a wonderful, happy life it's you my darling. This may not be how you envisioned things when that second blue line appeared but different is okay, different is more than okay, it's just... different. If you guys are ever back over this side of the pond get in touch, Izzy would love to meet Emma and Daniel xx

Sarah Mackie Sarah Mackie

Hey Katy and your lovely family,
I have just read every word on this site after seeing your post on Facebook. I'm full of emotion and seriously have so much admiration for you. Life can be very unfair yet you are graceful and strong. Your little lady is simply beautiful, so deeply loved and truly special. I have absolute faith that she will have a wonderful life. With so much love, how could she not. A tough road ahead for sure but one full of smiles and sunshine. And a mass of friends and family behind you every step of the way.
Thinking of you all, my dear
Sarah xxxx

Victoria spurgeon Victoria spurgeon

I love reading this and learning something new with each post and I love the photos, I feel myself welling up with the comments of support and love for your beautiful little girl.
My daughter has nothing like Emma's condition, but relate to unanswered questions, the feelings of was I to blame, was it something I did, what could have been different, what will life be like for now and her in the future. we are nearly 9 years on and getting ready for the next hurdle.

If I can share anything with you and your family, is to take each step one step at a time, we try not to think to far into the future at any one time and deal with each little step at a time, it truly has made claiming that mountain a whole lot easier. X x x x

Darya Buehler Darya Buehler

Dear Emmy and Friends,

We are thinking about you all the time and looking forward to seeing you soon. XoXo, D&M

Stephanie Johnson Stephanie Johnson

My heart goes out to you and your family. Emma is a beautiful lil lady and I wish her a life of joy and happiness...Emma style :-). With great respect, Stephanie.

Danielle Schroder Danielle Schroder

Praying for your family!

Sue Davies Sue Davies

Hi Katy, Adam, Daniel and our special little lady Emma,

Dad and I will always be here for you all, through thick and thin, laughter and tears, good times and bad, you'll never be alone. We love you so much and will be with you all every step of the way, the best way we can.

With lots of love
Mum ( Nanna Sue ) xxx

Victoria Kerr Victoria Kerr

Hi Katy and Adam, Daniel and Emma
Sending you hugs and love - thinking of you all
Barneys Mum xxx

Kristin Kristin

I don't suppose any parent feels ready to take on this sort of challenge but I can't help but think that Emma is very lucky to have you and Adam for parents. Take care!

Kylee Kylee

I love the poem, and the site is so great. See you all soon!

Victoria spurgeon Victoria spurgeon

Thinking of you all, such a beautiful poem, site and of course Emma, sending lots of love from the uk. X x x ❤️❤️