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Posted 2016-03-16T15:49:00Z

Our Titan Charging forward

I'm still overjoyed to share with all of you that Hayden's scans have again come back clear!!! I'm going to keep this short, but Hayden continues to recover everyday and go about life like this all never happened. Many thanks and praise to those of you continuing to uplift out family in prayer through this time as we can never thank you enough for your support. This past year has been filled with events and excitement and a few chance of a lifetime moments for Hayden, thanks to all who have been involved in making these special times a reality. Early morning photo on the dock in half moon bay about to head out to Mavericks for a VIP experience, and one with Mark Healey presenting Hayden is broken board at the end of the event.Until June....😉👍🏻 Nate[...]

Posted 2015-09-09T21:34:00Z


It feels like just yesterday we received the news of Hayden's cancer diagnosis. Life as we know it had changed almost instantly as we shifted into survival mode. There have been days of struggle, questions, fear and anger.....but mostly HOPE, LOVE and SUPPORT. There have also been many days of tears...most days just putting myself into Hayden's shoes for a moment and realizing all he has been through is enough to bring me to my knees and the tears just start flowing. What a brave boy we have, to go along with the treatment program set for him and not complain one bit. As I say in just about all of my journal updates, I'm amazed by him everyday with the positive attitude, smile and energy level he has been able to keep throughout this process.( I'm taking note to apply to my own life) We have been so fortunate to have such an abundance of support and love from our family, friends and community...there are no words to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. I just want you to know that I think of all of you who have supported us through thick and thin everyday, and that I pray your lives are blessed. We are truly greatful to you all. Many parts of this journey I would rather forget, it's never easy to see your children suffer and be put through the ringer, but there are many parts that have strengthened us as a family and me personally that I wouldn't ever do differently no matter how difficult it was at the time. Hayden has completed his treatment plan from LPCH and had his end of treatment CT and MRI scans happen at the beginning of this month. His scans came back clear, with no sign of the tumor and no new growth anywhere else in his body. We are Elated to share this information with you all, and we trust you will all continue to pray for healing in Hayden as he continues to recover, gain strength and regrow Hair!!(yay!) As of now we are on a 3 month scan schedule for the next couple years, then every 6 months, and then Annual scans until age 18. My prayer every night with Hayden is that through the miraculous healing powers of Christ he will continue to work in his body. Our faith is strong, our love unending and our spirits are not we rejoice!!! For great is the Lord our God, may we give thanks and sing praises all the days of our lives! I will continue to update as new info is available.....but it may end up just being updates of his quarterly scans. Many thanks, Nate

Posted 2015-07-09T20:55:00Z

Cruise control

So,we have some exciting news to share with you all about Hayden's treatment and recovery. Hayden's most recent MRI and CT scan showed his tumor had been reduced to nearly nothing but a piece of scar tissue which is remnants of the radiation treatment he received. Life around the house has been as normal as we could keep it. Hayden has been doing great, his attitude has been awesome... no complaints. He did really well in the JAY race this year again. Recently Make-A-Wish made a trip to the house and Hayden wished to go to Costa Rica.. we'll see if his wish is granted, if not we might end up in Hawaii!!!! Where ever it is he wants to be surfing in some warm water and getting some barrels too! Treatment is still scheduled to conclude in August, and none of us can wait for that day to arrive. I remain to live everyday in awe of my son, his accomplishments and desire to push on through his daily life as if it were a breeze, not sure how he does it, but if it has anything to do with our love for him?....then I understand how he's done it. We are just so proud of him for remaining strong there are no words to adequately describe how we feel. And again, thanks to all of you, reading this, right this moment....and know if the circumstance ever arrives where we can show support for you that we're right here for you. You can't do it on your own, and that's what friends are for. God bless you all! Thanks for your support, Nate and Family P.s. Hayden test riding an electric skateboard in above photo

Posted 2015-05-14T18:29:00Z

Still hangin' loose

Not a whole lot has changed since my last update, Hayden is still doing great, he's had a two-week break these last two weeks from any chemo or treatment and continues to gain weight, attend school regularly and remain active as ever. his doctor has continued his chemo at 75% of normal dosage due to the neuropathy he is experiencing in his legs and feet. I've continued stretching his legs as often as possible to fight the effects of the neuropathy in the hopes that in the end he will regain complete function and flexibility. There is been no promise that this will be the case, but we continue to pray he will have a complete recovery without a need for surgery for him to remain walking correctly. His spirits remain high as usual he has never complained, this has been an eye-opening experience to see such a young boy achieve such amazing feats during such a physically demanding treatment schedule. I'm so proud of him, and he again has become my inspiration in life to fight the odds, never give up and to never let anyone tell you you're not capable of achieving your dreams and aspirations today and moving forward into the future. We are continually blessed by YOU who are reading this.... Thank you for your support, love and encouragement for Hayden and the family through this process. Our June fundraiser date has been moved to October 11, 2015 and will now be held by our gracious hosts/coordinators Patty Malone and Jeanette larkin at their restaurant and bar "Malones" in Scott's valley. This will not only be a fundraiser, but also a celebration of life and completion of 43 weeks of ongoing chemo treatment for Hayden since he is scheduled to be done with that part in August of this year! Follow up trestment and scans will continue for the next few years to assure his cancer has gone into remission and remains as such. June 27th there will still be a fundraiser horse shoe tourney, and if you are interested please contact us through FB, text or email for more info. This event will be planned and put on by Tucker Sanden and friends. Thank you ALL again for your prayers, love and support. Most recent shot of Hayden above at the iconic and historical buena vista skate pool... Dreaming of the day he will shred these walls! Written by Nate, With love and thanks from the family as a whole. Praise the Lord!

Posted 2015-04-17T19:39:00Z

Just cruising through...

As a family, we continue to see, feel and experience not only Gods undying love for us but the love and support of this great community. Hayden continues to just cruise on through like nothing's happening. Still visiting stanford every week for treatment, still attending school on a regular basis, still surfing, skating and loving life, friends and family everyday and doing great considering the rough road his body has been traveling down. We are still using all natural plant derived medicines to battle the side effects of chemotherapy with miraculous results. Hayden's big support fundraiser date on June 27th is quickly approaching and things are moving along swiftly with that. We're very excited to put this event on to not only show our appreciation for everyone who has supported us, but to show Hayden what an enormous family of supporters he has behind him. We understand the pleasure point street fair is the same day as our event, but we hope those who truly support Hayden will be there for him in his time of need and attend our event with the understanding that the street fair happens every year and it's not everyday you have a friend truly in need of your support. If you would like to volunteer at the event we are in desperate need of help. Please visit the hope for hayden community Facebook site or and sign up for this awesome event we've got planned. We are still in need of and accepting items for the auctions that will be taking place at this event as well....don't be shy, every little bit helps whether big or small. And look for fliers and posters around town soon!!! We have crested the halfway point of Hayden's treatment and have the goal in view...we are so proud of our son and what a true joy it has been to care for him and help him throughout his journey thus far. We love you Hayden, keep up the great attitude and awesome smile bud!!! Love Mom, Dad and Garrett

Posted 2015-03-16T23:57:00Z

When life gives you lemons...

On March 15th a team of 6 dedicated school mates from mountain school prepared and sold lemonade and baked goods to help support Hayden. Headed up by leader Logan Mankins, Ollie Swan, Wyatt Connors, Luke Javed, Brayden Tennenbaum and Maya VanNess collectively sold enough food and drinks for a healthy donation for Hayden. I was contacted by Logan late in the afternoon yesterday...he was hoping to come by with all his buddies and present Hayden with their donation. Hayden was surfing at the point with some friends, so Logan and the crew decided to surprise Hayden at the beach with the funds they had raised. I filmed the presentation with my gopro and will post on Hayden's FB soon. At any rate, we were all surprised and very humbled when these young kids announced that they had raised him over $1000 that day to help pay for his treatments! The hearts of these young kids...I tell ya, it'll put a tear in your eye! Thanks so much you guys,and a special thanks to all who came by the sale! you know who you are..

Posted 2015-02-26T02:07:00Z

A true Titan!!!

It's been sometime since I updated the post hope site for Hayden just wanted to let you know and reassure everyone everything is continuing to go great! We had a busy past month with both the boys birthdays,review scans and meetings with doctors regarding how Hayden's treatment has been going and the results from what he's been through. His scans revealed what we thought all along, it's been reduced to nearly 1/2 the original size with nothing new showing up anywhere else. He has begun to deal with some muscle weakness in his calves which is a common side effect that can be treated with daily activity and if needed physical therapy in the future. Full recovery is possible, especially once the cycles of chemo come to completion. We also had a small scare/false alarm pertaining to Hayden's blood counts that they had dropped so low there was a possibility he may need a blood transfusion soon. But our warrior bounced back with ruthless aggression and came back even stronger! His blood counts are looking great and it's been a non-issue at this point. * since my last post many positive, moving things of happened. There's been multiple restaurants in town that Have done fundraisers. Akira sushi and Star Bené. Hayden was on KSCO radio's ," off the lip" program with local pro surfers Pete and John Mel, Shawn Dollar and Nat Young there to support and make a very special evening! Thanks to Neil pearlberg and TC from the boardroom for putting together such a great group for the event! During that evening we had multiple callers, past employers, friends and people we didn't even know calling into pledge money and help Hayden's cause. We had a friend make some calls to the event Management for the Titans of Mavericks contest which is Cartel management. Those two gents came through big time and stoked Hayden out with not only Titans at Mavericks gear but VIP passes for this years event! SWEET!!!!!! Thanks so much guys! It was an unbelievable evening with the community all coming together to show their support and put the word out on the airwaves. By the way, out BIG party date has been set for June 27, 2015 so save the date and get ready for a great time! Details soon to follow. As far as Hayden's daily health goes he has continued to thrive everyday, eat great, feel great and seriously charge on! Surfing, skating and attending school when not in for treatment. He's got such a great attitude about life and his journey and I really don't think he fully understands how many lives have been touched by his story and the immense amount of people he has behind him right now. It's simply amazing and such unbelievable things have transpired over these last 4 months the only thought that comes to mind is thank you JESUS for showing me determination, faith and unconditional love! Still off of the big pharma cocktail they had him set to take all day everyday, and handling ALL ailments and side effects with CBD/THC Milagro oil 1x daily that is IT!!!! Thank you WAMM and JR at lighthouse botanicals for your sponsorship, it's truly made a life changing, health improving difference in our sons treatment and recovery. Thanks again to all who are following and/or supporting Hayden's journey as we charge right along side of him, and for all of your prayers...till next time Love, Nate and Samantha

Posted 2015-01-20T09:34:00Z

Heavily beating the Odds!!

Not that we didn't know it before, be we have a couple amazing kids!! We continue to face everyday with a determined face and mindset in the presence of the unknown. The medical team at Stanford has continually warned us of what is to come during his treatment and what to expect, and we have not been shaken by what they have told us. Against all odds Hayden has had great looking blood results, an outstanding attitude, the sores said to riddle his body had subsided and gone away just days after starting the meds WE decided to start treating him with. He's been eating like a horse and packing back on all the weight he initially dropped when is treatment began. Hydration has always been an issue due to the toxic concoction of chemo they introduce into his little body every week, but we're mindful of it and do our best to keep him constantly sipping on some spring water. Hayden has also steam rolled through his 30 days of is MLK day, and he's got just 4 treatments left this week and he's done with radiation!! Praise The Lord for that today especially! We continue to send him to school as often as possible to be with his friends and remind him he's got many things to learn including his part in a play at school that he is so excited about. Things have been good, just different as you can probably imagine, but we can't complain one bit! Our family is still together, we're witnessing miraculous healing of our son Hayden everyday and living in amazement of his strength and determination to reach the goal! We will be celebrating at the end of the week with Hayden to recognize the milestone he has reached by completing his radiation treatments. Won't you join us and congratulate our little warrior for a job well done? GREAT JOB HAYDEN, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH and ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! With love~ Mom, Dad and Garrett

Posted 2015-01-06T06:46:00Z

Post 2014

The holidays have come and gone and we have so many positive things to rejoice about!!! Hayden has shown huge positive steps forward since ditching the prescription meds Stanford has been pushing on us to help with the side effects of his treatment. Praise be to God for his magnificent creations in this world and for the strength to push the envelope against western medicine. We have seen great results with alternative treatments in every area Hayden had shown issues! We continue to trust The Lord is healing Hayden everyday, and praise him for the positive changes we are seeing in him. Hayden's positive attitude and great outlook on life has kept us all rolling along with him through this battle. Hayden is doing great!!!! Thank you for your continued support Nate and Samantha