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Posted 2015-04-17T19:39:00Z

Just cruising through...

As a family, we continue to see, feel and experience not only Gods undying love for us but the love and support of this great community. Hayden continues to just cruise on through like nothing's happening. Still visiting stanford every week for treatment, still attending school on a regular basis, still surfing, skating and loving life, friends and family everyday and doing great considering the rough road his body has been traveling down. We are still using all natural plant derived medicines to battle the side effects of chemotherapy with miraculous results. Hayden's big support fundraiser date on June 27th is quickly approaching and things are moving along swiftly with that. We're very excited to put this event on to not only show our appreciation for everyone who has supported us, but to show Hayden what an enormous family of supporters he has behind him. We understand the pleasure point street fair is the same day as our event, but we hope those who truly support Hayden will be there for him in his time of need and attend our event with the understanding that the street fair happens every year and it's not everyday you have a friend truly in need of your support. If you would like to volunteer at the event we are in desperate need of help. Please visit the hope for hayden community Facebook site or and sign up for this awesome event we've got planned. We are still in need of and accepting items for the auctions that will be taking place at this event as well....don't be shy, every little bit helps whether big or small. And look for fliers and posters around town soon!!! We have crested the halfway point of Hayden's treatment and have the goal in view...we are so proud of our son and what a true joy it has been to care for him and help him throughout his journey thus far. We love you Hayden, keep up the great attitude and awesome smile bud!!! Love Mom, Dad and Garrett

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  • Marie Waltrip
    Marie Waltrip

    It is truly inspiring and amazing the inner strength, perserverance, belief and trust in God that you all have at this challenging time of Hayden's life journey. Keep on keeping on because everything you are doing and believing is working!! Hayden as always is a super hero kid and a testimony to how strong our spirit truly is when our body is weakened. Keeping you all in my prayers, my positive thoughts and sending healing hugs. Halfway there with the goal in view-YEAH!! :-) <3

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Dana Mumm
    Dana Mumm

    Yes! Our God is truly great and awesome! So wonderful to hear of Hayden's journey and how all events are giving glory to the One who is in charge of all of us. Hallelujah!

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Rudy morrisette
    Rudy morrisette

    I see my amazing Hayden regularly at school now. His amazing smile, silly personality and boisterous voice are back in full swing. I look forward to lunch time yard duty because I know Hayden is going to walk up to me and ask me to open something from his lunch for him...I give him all my grief about how I have to do everything and he just beams those miraculous eyes and his problem solving smile at me, and says...that's right, you do. My day is complete. To mom and dad, thank you so, so much for pouring your heart and soul into getting this gem well so that the rest of the world can continue to enjoy him. I hope that along the way with this journey you are finding the support you deserve to keep yourselves well....if not, then as you already know, peer at your son and life will be good...I love you Hayden...keep getting better Mr. Rudy

    8 years ago · Reply