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Posted 2015-09-09T21:34:00Z


It feels like just yesterday we received the news of Hayden's cancer diagnosis. Life as we know it had changed almost instantly as we shifted into survival mode. There have been days of struggle, questions, fear and anger.....but mostly HOPE, LOVE and SUPPORT. There have also been many days of tears...most days just putting myself into Hayden's shoes for a moment and realizing all he has been through is enough to bring me to my knees and the tears just start flowing. What a brave boy we have, to go along with the treatment program set for him and not complain one bit. As I say in just about all of my journal updates, I'm amazed by him everyday with the positive attitude, smile and energy level he has been able to keep throughout this process.( I'm taking note to apply to my own life) We have been so fortunate to have such an abundance of support and love from our family, friends and community...there are no words to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. I just want you to know that I think of all of you who have supported us through thick and thin everyday, and that I pray your lives are blessed. We are truly greatful to you all. Many parts of this journey I would rather forget, it's never easy to see your children suffer and be put through the ringer, but there are many parts that have strengthened us as a family and me personally that I wouldn't ever do differently no matter how difficult it was at the time. Hayden has completed his treatment plan from LPCH and had his end of treatment CT and MRI scans happen at the beginning of this month. His scans came back clear, with no sign of the tumor and no new growth anywhere else in his body. We are Elated to share this information with you all, and we trust you will all continue to pray for healing in Hayden as he continues to recover, gain strength and regrow Hair!!(yay!) As of now we are on a 3 month scan schedule for the next couple years, then every 6 months, and then Annual scans until age 18. My prayer every night with Hayden is that through the miraculous healing powers of Christ he will continue to work in his body. Our faith is strong, our love unending and our spirits are not we rejoice!!! For great is the Lord our God, may we give thanks and sing praises all the days of our lives! I will continue to update as new info is available.....but it may end up just being updates of his quarterly scans. Many thanks, Nate

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Comments (6)

  • shirley ivelich
    shirley ivelich

    God is Great. It has shown in your family and Hayden. Hope is always there.............never give up.

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Diane Morgenstern
    Diane Morgenstern

    From all of us at Mountain School, we could not be happier for Hayden and his beautiful family.

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Dana Mumm
    Dana Mumm

    So happy for some good news! God is good! Thanks for keeping all of us updated. I got to know Hayden. He definitely is an awesome kid. You are blessed. Praying and thoughts always.

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Liz Depuydt
    Liz Depuydt

    We are thrilled for you Hayden, God has carried you through. :) Bless you! Koa and Liz

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Sandy Clay
    Sandy Clay

    So good to hear!! Thank you for sharing. We think about Hayden often and are ecstatic that he has completed his treatment at LPCH by kicking cancer's behind!!!

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Tania Ryan
    Tania Ryan

    We've been praying for Hayden, and celebrate his healing, as well as his positive attitude and resilience! Tania & James Ryan

    8 years ago · Reply