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Tristan Reyes Tristan Reyes

To Jerome's Family,

I used to work in the same organization as Jerome and just learned of his passing from a common friend. While we only met briefly, I find his story very inspiring - what courage and strength! It definitely put things in perspective for me and I just want to share that with you.

I just want to say thank you for sharing his story. I believe he will continue to touch people and have an impact in people's lives long after he is gone - even strangers such as myself - because he had a good soul and left a lasting legacy which will continue to shine through the family.

God bless you all and sending prayers your way,
Tristan Reyes

Glenn Magster Glenn Magster

God will carry you when you cannot carry on in God helps you move mountains of impossibilities by moving a stone at a time.

James Oh James Oh

Jerome -

I don't even know where to start. I've been following your posts as your auntie Lenei and Manio have been keeping me in the loop as well. Your attitude throughout this whole process is amazing and inspiring. You're a very strong person and I admire you for that. I've shared your story with my family, friends and colleagues to hopefully shed light and perspective on what we need to truly value and is precious and thank you for sharing your story throughout this process.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family.

-James Oh

Gerard Reynolds Gerard Reynolds

Jerome and family , there are no words to describe your remarkable courage and positivity throughout your illness. Sending you thoughts and prayers always from Dublin, Ireland. I have great memories of our time working together in Munich and hope you do too. Godspeed to you, and our thoughts are with you. Gerard, Anne, Hannah & David Reynolds.

Mary Marlatt Mary Marlatt

Hi Jerome,
This is Mary (Kelly) from St. Anthony’s. One of our former classmates filled me in recently on your battle. When I heard what was going on and read your posts my heart broke for you and your family. I remember you as always being such a special kid, and from reading your posts it’s obvious that you still are very special. You are an inspiration and I’m so lucky to have known you when we were kids. Keep up the positive attitude and enjoy the precious moments you have with your loved ones. You and your family will forever be in my prayers. God bless you.

Sending love and prayers,

Ray and June Johnson Ray and June Johnson

Ray and June Johnson
You are an amazing example to us all and we applaud your spirit to fight on. As you said, "opinions are just opinions." Hope should never be overlooked or excluded! Our thoughts and prayers, for you and your loved ones, continue as you remain in our hearts with love. God bless, Ray and June Johnson.

Rolly Beltran Rolly Beltran

Dearest Jerome,

It makes our hearts weep reading your story. Doctors may not have the power to heal your illness, yet what’s clear to us is that your mind & spirit needs no healing at all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enlightening us in expressing & sharing your journey. We can all learn from your character of positivity— no matter what life throws at you. You’re an inspiration & a noble man.

We pray to God to give you strength to help comfort you, Sam, Caleb, and your entire family.

With love & appreciation,
Uncle Rolly & Auntie Lina

Diana Lee Diana Lee

Hi Jerome, I personally don't know you, but my heart aches for you and your family. I know and trust God He is with you through all the difficult times... He knows everything about you.. Every hair on your head, to the most deepest that his plans are greater than what you could ever imagine. Like I said, I don't personally know you, but we share the same Heavenly Father. Just know what you've shared in your post changed me and life is truely short. God is the Healer, miracles do happen. God bless you, your sister in Christ. Diana

Telly Doak Telly Doak

Jerome, we are praying for you and sending you positive thoughts. Keep up with your courage and faith as God has been looking after you to protect and heal you. Praying that you get the treatment option that you are hoping for. Blessings of better health, love and peace to you and family. Love always,
Telly and Darryl

Marilee Byers Marilee Byers

Jerome, I'm praying for, and pulling for, the option that you are going for. Keep going strong like you have been. You are a real gift to all around you!

Robyn May De los Reyes Robyn May De los Reyes

Jerome, Sam and Family,

I can only imagine what you are going through and the thought alone is already tough. Together, you will make it. Together, you will heal. With all the love, support, laughter (this one especially- laughter does a lot of healing!) hope and faith not only from family and friends but of course, from God. I pray for your strength and courage to KNOW and FEEL that you are 110% again!


I believe in you,
Robyn May de los Reyes

Stephen Johnson Stephen Johnson

My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.

Keerthana K Keerthana K

Just a note, to say my thoughts are with you and your family, and sending out positive vibes. Looking forward to seeing you back in the office very soon.

Cindy Prudnick Cindy Prudnick

Thinking of you Jerome and your family and sending positive energy as you recover from your surgery! Cindypr

Katrin Wieland Katrin Wieland

Good to hear you are fighting this cancer so well! Great response after only mid point of our chemo! I can tell you are suffering more from side effects, which stinks... so sorry to hear... hopefully they can make you comfortable and you know it is all worth it in the end! You look great bald! I sort of like the sleek smooth look.. Lance had it for 8 months and it did come back.. so have faith! Jerome... know we are thinking and praying for you and you are an inspiration to many... your family is beautiful and I wish you continued strenght to endure the treatments... Katrin and Lance ( he does not know you, but he has survived it and is till kicking cancer!!! )Go kick Cancer's a.. Jerome!!!