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Posted 2013-01-15T21:16:32Z

January 15, 2013 - 4:05 p.m.

If there are any healthcare professionals following this site, please chime in if I am incorrect on something. 

The Charge Nurse returned my call with some of the information I requested. Apparently, it is not unusual for a patient to go several days without nutrition (including water) by mouth or by IV - she stated that some patients go four to five days. As a 'lay-person' this seems unnecessary to me, particularly when the person is clearly uncomfortable and has been asking for water for days. It's apparently also usual for there to be a long period of time from a test being ordered to actually being completed; for example, the swallow test was ordered on Sunday afternoon for Monday. Someone appeared mid-afternoon on Monday and decided it needed to be a different test which was then ordered for Tuesday. Now that Daddy is back on the bi-pap it has been delayed once again, and will now likely be tomorrow. So, he has been thirsty and without water since Sunday with, in his mind (and in mine, too), no real end in sight. It's extremely discouraging for him and difficult for us as the family to hear him ask for something as simple as a drink of water and not be able to receive it!

I expressed to the nurse now this is for Daddy as the patient and us as the family as kindly and clearly as I could, without using the word that seems to best describe it - torture!

She did not have an answer as to the incorrect use of the bi-pap machine and was going to be talking to some more people. I reminded her that the instructions regarding the bi-pap came directly from the doctor. If he took the time to explain it so carefully to us, I assume that they understand as well. 

I am truly interested in any input from any healthcare professional - you can send a private message if you like, or ask for my email or phone number. I don't want to be unfair or misjudge the care he is being given, but I am having a very hard time understanding these delays when the quality of someone's life is at stake. 

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