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Posted 2013-01-16T22:01:37Z

January 16, 2013 - 4:50 p.m.

Daddy finally had the swallow test today, and unfortunately did not 'pass'. 

The doctor presented us with three options:

1. Allow him to eat and drink whatever he wants and accept the consequences, which would be aspiration and pnuemonia, likely repeatedly. 

2. Using a thin feeding tube in the nose, and having a speech therapist stimulate his throat muscles with electrodes for the next seven days, after which the swallow test will be performed again. 

3. Use of a surgically implanted feeding tube if the GI allows it with his age and general condition. When asked if this would be life support she was told "no, it is considered nutrition". If patients are able to receive it they have the right to receive nutrition. 

We are going with Option 2 for now and praying for the best possible outcome. Daddy is not thrilled with any of these options, but is happy to finally have some water and Mountain Dew in front of him, which he can put on a small sponge to suck on. 

Continued prayers are truly appreciated. 

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