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Posted 2018-08-06T18:02:36Z


Over the last 15 years of marriage we have experienced many different seasons and places we have called home. With Jed’s one-year post transplant celebration on the horizon it is causing us to reflect on this last season of life. Many months were spent focused on keeping Jed strong enough to wait for a transplant and preparing our family for whatever the outcome. After his transplant we shifted into being focused on Jed’s recovery process. Over the last 21 months, since we moved back to WI, we have experienced many highs and lows, but through it all we have had huge support. As we slowly move into what feels like a new season for our family I am overcome by the radical love we have received.[...]

Posted 2018-03-15T20:53:00Z

We get to...

As I sit in the hospital waiting room while Jed is undergoing his routine bronchial scope I am reflecting on the last 6 months. The long days of waiting and living in the hospital seems so long ago, and yet walking back into the hospital I am hit with the familiarities of “home.” At 6 months post double lung transplant Jed’s lung function is at 110% FEV1. Essentially, this means his lungs are functioning at full capacity and he has a large set (therefore greater possible capacity) of lungs working for him. I recall being told during one of his hospital stays that he was approaching 11% FEV1. His 11% to 110% lung function is a visual reminder of the scripture passage in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” His new lung capacity is our reminder of new life and new possibilities our family has been given for whatever length of time God allows. Sadly, we are often surprised at how easy we can still let the little moments be taken for granted. The craziness quickly creeps back into life diminishing our miracle.[...]

Posted 2017-11-25T12:41:00Z

Word's from Jed

Thank you for everyone who has been following our journey here on PostHope and joining us through prayer. I wanted to let you know that I will occasionally continue to give updates here, however Jed has started blogging again on his page. Please check out the link below to hear updates and words of encouragement from Jed himself. [...]

Posted 2017-10-18T05:08:00Z

Welcome Home

Day 29, Jed’s approval to head home came. It may have been later then we hoped, but it did come. We were thrilled with the opportunity to surprise both kids by showing up at CJ’s last baseball game of the fall season. The joy of sitting outside in the fresh air and watching his son pitch for the first time was a treasured gift for Jed and CJ. Looking back, it was a year ago that Jed was struggling to finish the season coaching CJ’s baseball team in Arizona. During that time, he had to start using portable oxygen. The first time Jed wore his oxygen onto the field I asked CJ what he was thinking, wondering if he was embarrassed. His reply was, “Its ok. Dad looks like a dying superman.” Jed and I laughed. How refreshing and humorous are the truthful words of a child. To our children and me he was our superman, and ‘yes’ he was slowly dying, but he was not going down without a fight. It was at this stage we had made the decision to move back to Wisconsin to be close to family. We knew we would need their support for whatever laid ahead for us. The support of our families in this season of Jed’s health decline, waiting for transplant, and now recovery has been an incredible gift. [...]

Posted 2017-09-28T03:32:00Z

The Road to Recovery - Phase Two

After 19 days in the hospital Jed was discharged. Being able to leave the hospital was invigorating and intimidating. In a weird way felt like we were new parents. We were filled with the anticipated excitement of a new journey together, yet overwhelmed with fear of how to care for this new delicate life. Of course, instead of a new baby, we were leaving with new lungs. Yes, very different scenarios, but with a similar rush of emotions.[...]

Posted 2017-09-22T20:25:00Z

To The Family of My Husband's Donor

To the Family of My Husband’s Donor,

As I witness my husband breathing deep with ease, I recognize it is because someone else no longer is. Behind the miracle of my husband’s double lung transplant is another family’s tragedy and loss. There are no words that can express our gratitude and awe of the miracle our family has received. We only pray that you can find some healing in knowing that your loved one has touched other people’s lives through their gift of organ donation. No words can truly express what we have experienced. Thank you feels too simple to say, yet I hope you will know the weight of meaning behind those two words.[...]

Posted 2017-09-19T04:03:00Z

The Road to Recovery (Days 13-16)

100% was the reading on Jed’s oxygen monitor during pulmonary rehab Friday. He hasn't needed oxygen since his 2nd day post-surgery, however this was the first time the monitor read 100% oxygen concentration. It was a wonderful site to see on the monitor. Later that afternoon his 3rd chest tube was removed. His right lung was now fully supporting itself with nothing relieving the pressure surround the lung. The follow up x-ray showed that there is still a pneumothorax (air pocket) on the right side of his chest cavity. They are hopeful that with time and exercise his body will continue to absorb the air.[...]

Posted 2017-09-15T06:43:00Z

The Road to Recovery (Days 10-12)

As evening came we were hopeful like always that he would get some sleep. He finally did! Jed got a decent night of sleep and woke with a renewed spirit. As the day progressed the pain and tension in his back and neck eased as well. Finally, it felt like the road to recovery was picking up pace. Physical therapy and pulmonary rehab started to work with Jed on daily exercises for leg, core, heart, and lung strength. His upper body will still be under restriction for some time due to his incision. Jed’s mom came for a visit during the day and marveled at seeing how well Jed was doing. With Jed turning the corner health wise, we decided it was time I start sleeping at the hotel down the road. It was difficult to leave him, yet a nurse reminded me that once he leaves the hospital he is all mine and there is no nurse button to push for backup.[...]

Posted 2017-09-12T05:01:00Z

The Road to Recovery (Days 8-9)

Waking up in my lounger chair Sunday morning in the hospital room I overheard Jed telling his nurse how God challenged him in the night. He shared how he was asking God for an hour of sleep before 4 am when the x-ray team would show up. Knowing that God’s word says He gives rest to those he loves, (Psalm 127:2 “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat- for he grants sleep to those he loves”) and that God gives to those who asks according to his will, (1 John 5:14-15 “This is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him”). Yet he laid there with unanswered prayer. He got frustrated as the time frame he asked for passed. God ended up bringing rest later around 5 am in His timing. When Jed woke up God ask him are you willing to follow my way and not Jed’s way? The challenge is that we may know God’s word, and God’s will, but struggle to surrender to God’s way.[...]

Posted 2017-09-10T15:09:04Z

The Road to Recovery (Days 6-7)

Thursday night Jed’s pain was under control and he was excited to get his digestion tube in his nose removed. Finally, we felt he could get a good night sleep. Sadly, the strength of the steroids going into his body made him too restless to sleep, he said he felt like crawling out of his skin. Despite the lack of sleep Jed’s spirits were much higher than the last 36 hours. Jed’s dad came to relieve me for a while allowing me to go to the hotel to shower and nap. Stepping outside of the hospital I was amazed at how refreshing the cool air was. I was so grateful for a big bed to sleep in and goodie packages from friends to encourage me.[...]