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Posted 2019-07-01T01:47:00Z

Coming Up On A Year

Time to update my blog. 

My hair is growing like a weed.  I have had 2 haircuts since it has been growing.  I don’t mind curls on other people, but I prefer my hair to be a little straighter and more manageable.  When I look in the mirror and see all my curls, I feel like Al Franken’s love child. 

I have been doing lots of fun things the past few months.  I am still working on my bucket list – it seems to grow each day. 

I am in Ormond Beach, Florida right now with my sisters, celebrating our Spring and Summer birthdays.  On the day we celebrated my birthday I chose to go to Clearwater Beach, Florida and ride on a boat called “Little Toot” to go dolphin sightseeing.   We saw many dolphins, which is always such a beautiful sight to see.  I think it would be a great tradition to go dolphin sight seeing each time coming to Florida.  They are amazing creatures.  I did fine, but my sister Sherry had a little mishap on the boat.  Her laughing disorder kicked in and she passed out for a few seconds right on the boat.  I guess we do laugh a lot when we are all together – that seems to be the problem.  It usually happens just when she is with us.  But we couldn’t help laughing because David had his price tag on his shirt under his armpit and it was just blowin’ in the wind.  That gave us all the giggles.  And when Sherry gets the giggles extra hard she tends to pass out…    

I have been working on some creative projects.  This Spring I gave my daughter Ashlee a Little Free Library for her birthday.  It was made by a friend, Tim Vlcek, and I painted it.  Ashlee and her family have been tending it, and it gives me great joy to watch them take care of it and for people to come visit it.  It seems to be a big hit in the neighborhood and for people around town.  One day while Pete was mowing the yard he saw 3 people come and take books!  And Ashlee saw a lady take a picture of it.  I hope she doesn’t copy the design ‘cuz it’s an original.  We love taking care of the library and putting new books for all ages in there – babies to adults.  Sometimes you might even find a stuffed animal in there! 

Besides the library, we’ve been painting rocks.  There is a Facebook page called #402Rocks.  I like to hide them in the hospital when I go in for my MRIs with inspirational sayings on the back, such as “Find a Cure”, “You’ve Got This”, “Need a Hug?” and things of this sort to try and cheer people up, cuz no one likes to be at the cancer center unless they are getting excellent news.  The beginning of June, my last MRI had a questionable spot, so I would love to find a rock with an inspirational quote to make me smile after hearing news that wasn’t the best.   When I get back to Omaha I will be having another MRI on the questionable spot and I will get the results a few days later.  I will update everyone after I get the results.  I am very scared to hear the results.  I was hoping to make it a full year without hearing anything bad, and I almost made it.  I think I was in shock when the doctor said there was a questionable area.  But there is a chance that it is nothing – it could still be a spot from surgery.  They said that it takes up to 2 years for things to look normal again in the brain and it’s only been 11 months.  Spending time with my sister has kind of taken my mind off of it. 

But coming back to Florida has brought back some memories that I don’t really care to remember.  One night laying in bed, I was crying thinking about all that has happened over the last 11 months, but Sherry was asleep and I didn’t want to wake her up.  It was about this time last year that thing started going really bad for me, and things were getting really scary.  I wasn’t thinking clearly.  I was doing things that weren’t in my nature.  And so, it has just brought back a lot of memories.  I am just happy I can make another trip out here.  I got to float in the same flamingo that I floated in last year, and that made me smile.  Even though I had a hat on this time, not like last time when every hair was in place.  I am so over those days.  Now I wash it and GO and plop on a hat and out the door I go. 

I have a couple more trips planned – one with family and two with friends.  At the end of July I will be going to Kansas City with some friends to see my brother-in-law David’s performance of “Big Top” at Union Station in the KC Fringe Festival.  If you want to come along let me know!  It is a comedy and he is a very funny guy.  And then in August I will be coming back to Susan’s beach house in Ormond Beach with friends.  And I am going to Arizona with my son Nathan and his family in September. 

One other fun and exciting event that happened in Florida is we went TURTLE SIGHTSEEING.  You have to do this very late at night, so it is very dark and you cannot have flashlights.  There are holes all over in the sand because the turtles dig holes and lay their eggs, so my sisters kept a close eye on me so I wouldn’t end up in a hole.  Only one of us ended up falling, but it wasn’t me!  We saw many turtles come out of the water, a couple of turtles on the beach digging their holes to lay their eggs, and a few going back to the ocean after laying eggs.  Quite the sight to see!  Very fun and exciting – something you would never see in Omaha, Nebraska.  We learned that there are already 7,000 turtle nests on this beach – and turtle nests are the hole where the eggs are buried.  By the end of turtle season there will be 25,000 turtle nests!!  I don’t think I will be walking on the beach at that time… 

Something else I have been working hard on is preparing for my 40th high school reunion.  We meet about once a month and we have SO much fun planning it.  Now it is just 3 short weeks away!  If you are a Bryan Bear class of '79 (or otherwise) and are interested in coming contact me.  

Recently I have met 2 lovely women in Omaha that also have Glioblastoma (GBM) and we are all about the same age.  I enjoy both of their company so much!  We have so much to talk about and so many stories to share.  I had posted on a glioblastoma Facebook page of people from all over the world asking if there was anyone else in Omaha, Nebraska, and these 2 ladies contacted me.  I like talking to them and hearing their stories because we’ve all had similar experiences and know how each other feels.  I feel very fortunate to have met these 2 women.  Wendy and Joni – THANK YOU for your friendship.

I Can:

-          Still work on my bucket list

-          Make it longer if I want to

-          Still have fun, even if I have GBM

-          Still enjoy making new friends

I Can’t:

-          Worry about my future

-          Fix it

-          Let days go by without doing something fun

-          (Editor’s note) – Wait until we celebrate my sister Susan’s birthday on Tuesday!!!  馃槉

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  • Becky Snedeker
    Becky Snedeker


    one year agoReply
  • Vicki Sulak
    Vicki Sulak

    Beautifully written, Annette! You are truly amazing, as you've gone through some scary moments. I pray for you daily and I will pray that your upcoming MRI shows nothing significant. You just keep being your amazing, marvelous self! God speed, Vicki Sulak

    one year agoReply
  • Kirsten Ghatasheh
    Kirsten Ghatasheh

    You are crushing life!!! Sleigh on sister!!!

    one year agoReply
  • Nancy Thompson
    Nancy Thompson

    So glad you are having time with your sisters in Ormond Beach! Glad Sherry is ok after her laughing/fainting episode. We are praying for you everyday and hope your next MRI is encouraging! We love you all! Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill

    one year agoReply
  • Lois hynek
    Lois hynek

    You are in my prayers

    one year agoReply