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Daniel j Krutina Daniel j Krutina

Hello there young lady you have been so brave with what you are going through and i want to thank you and everyone who was there to support me and my family when my mom passed away you are such a strong person i wish it was better news we all love you very much and if you need a ear to talk off or a shoulder to cry on we are here for you

Kirsten Ghatasheh Kirsten Ghatasheh

I know I dont really KNOW you Annette but I have been amazed at how you have rocked this journey. I'm so glad you have so many people who love you and shown you support. You deserve it all. Also, I love hats so I think when ur hair grows you should auction those puppies off! I'll buy!! I think your new name should be "Nettie The Great" ! Hope you feel support coming from Saint Joe, MO!!!

Love, Susan's (lil offwhite's) friend Blue

Sherry harrold Sherry harrold

Rough couple of months, that’s for sure. But it sure is great to see and feel all the love and support you receive from sooooo many people! ❤️❤️❤️

Sharon miller Sharon miller

Good morning everyone! Attached here is the volunteer schedule..thank you Jean.. thank you all so much for helping us for this event. We appreciate it and I know Nettie and her kids do too. See you all there!!

Nancy Thompson Nancy Thompson

Hi Nettsie, Thanks for your newest journal entry for us all to see. You have a way of communicating not only words, but feelings and emotions. You have a gift for that. We are thankful for all you have come through already and praying you through the rest ahead. We will see you Sunday afternoon. Love you soooo much! Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill

Kirsten Ghatasheh Kirsten Ghatasheh

You rest and sleep and don't shower if you don't wanna!!! You are too tired....forget that damn shower. You are fighting damn hard and we are all there with you!!! One day or minute at a time seems right. Your families'"gotchu"! I'm so amazed at you and you sharing your thoughts and am so happy when you get a break from treatment. Big hugs and love from Saint Joseph, the armpit of the universe! Grin. P.S. if you have to log roll when you fall I'm quite impressed by that inventive thinking. I might try it myself as i am quite tired lots myself and tend to fall a lot!!! Way to go with EVERYTHING Annette. So amazed!!!

Mariano G Uberti Mariano G Uberti

What an inspiration you are Annette! Can't wait to give you a tight hug and a kiss on Saturday! You are rocking it, just keep going and living each day to the fullest! Please, keep teaching us how it should be done! Love,

Mo Arceneaux Mo Arceneaux

Keep up the fight! You are teaching us all about what to do when things get tough! To make you laugh: once in Alaska your sister Sherry fell down a small hill while we were Cross Country skiing!! People reached for their phones to take pictures before helping her up! Be glad your sister was focused on you!

Scott Nielsen Scott Nielsen

Annette I wish I had a tenth of your inner strength, you get rested up and get feeling better! I can’t wait to catch up this weekend, see you Sunday!

Cathi Sanchez Cathi Sanchez

Depending on when baby Ethan arrives, and hoping it's soon, I want to be there for you to help out and hug you. You continue to amaze all of us.

Diane Armbrust Diane Armbrust

You are one AMAZING woman!! I keep praying. Hope to stop by Sunday with my mom and grandkids!
Love, Diane Armbrust, Jim's cousin.

Sherry harrold Sherry harrold

So proud of you, Sissy! I know you are totally exhausted, but you don’t give up, you don’t complain, and you do what needs to be done. One day at a time. Love you!

Sarah Gruhn Sarah Gruhn

So proud of you Annette! Your strength through this time is amazing! May God continue to bless u. Xoxoxo cousin Sarah

Nancy Thompson Nancy Thompson

Hi Nettie, We are so happy for you to be done with your radiation treatments. And so glad you will be moving in to your new home with Ashlee and Pete and the kids. You blessed me with your kind and sweet sympathy card you sent me as my Dad passed away about a month ago.
We love you! Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill

Peggy Young Peggy Young

Today is a great day!!! Radiation free day! You’re one courageous girl! You’re a true inspiration to us all. You ringing that bell brought tears to my eyes and a big smile.
Always in your corner like so many others.