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Prayers for Michael

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Update + Instagram Live Rosary Tonight at 7pm

Hi Everyone, 

We are happy to report that Michael has been doing a little bit better since the ECMO exchange happened on Monday.

Last Wednesday, January 2nd, Michael's team of doctors told us that if Michael continued at the rate he was declining, we likely had only 24-48 hours left with him. He was struggling to maintain good oxygen levels with maximum support from the vent and the old ECMO machine, his lungs and kidneys showed no signs of improvement, his liver function was declining thus causing other problems, and his heart was not fully working properly. Thanks to all of your powerful prayers, Michael has not declined any further since that Wednesday.

Relatively speaking, he has had a "good" week. Since this Tuesday evening, Michael has sustained good oxygen levels with the vent only at 50% (we are happy with anything below 60%, as this is not considered toxic to the lungs). Michael's liver function is improving as well as his heart (specifically the right ventricle which was affected). Other metrics and vitals are trending in the right direction.

While we are so very grateful for this progress, Michael is still critically ill with many more challenging weeks and months ahead of him.

We pray that Michael can sustain this progress, continue to improve, that his lungs start to heal, and that he be kept safe from any new infections or complications. 

We will be praying the rosary live on Instagram (@timmer__gang) again tonight at 7pm EST. All are welcome to join.

Melissa, Spencer, Faith, Sarah, and Tim

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