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Peter Mockler - Journal

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Posted 2013-06-21T00:00:17Z

June 20 pm

The latest on Peter's condition is as follows: 

After several weeks of ongoing care at the Montreal General Hospital, Peter underwent surgery on his skull yesterday.  Due to a successful procedure, arrangements are now taking place to transport Peter back to London.  Everyone hopes this will happen as soon as possible.  [...]

Posted 2013-05-28T01:39:36Z

May 27th Evening

There has been a lot of discussion and assessment today regarding Peter's status.  There is some improvement noted in a recent scan in that swelling has reduced and Peter's brain has shifted back to near original position.  So based on that progress, a decision was reached that it's best to keep Peter in Montreal for just a bit longer.  [...]

Posted 2013-05-26T15:14:25Z

May 26th am

Meagan and Brent fly back to London this morning.  It's time to reconnect with their families and prepare for Peter to return home.  

A good friend of Lyn's is in Montreal this week and will be able to provide her with support over the next few days.  [...]

Posted 2013-05-24T19:34:40Z

May 24th pm

Brent has related some very positive news. Peter is breathing on his own without assistance. Everyone is hopeful that this means he will wake up soon. The collective get well wishes are working people![...]

Posted 2013-05-23T23:03:34Z

May 23rd Evening

Peter has just undergone a Tracheotomy. The surgery went well. He'll be more comfortable now. They can more easily take him off sedation now that this is done. No more tubes in his mouth which is very welcome news.

Posted 2013-05-23T20:03:55Z

May 23rd pm

Peter's condition remains the same today. Lyn, Meagan and Brent are able to take turns to be at his side. They want to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers for Peter. Your well wishes (and Theresa's blankets) are keeping them warm through this time.

Posted 2013-05-22T21:05:37Z

May 22 pm again

Just heard from Brent that they had a somewhat positive meeting with the team taking care of Peter. There is no brain stem damage so the possibility of him waking up is better than not but it may take a long time given his age.