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Posted 2013-11-12T23:50:59Z

November 12th - A Progress Update for Peter Mockler

Hello Friends of Peter Mockler

My husband Eric and I had an opportunity to meet up with Peter and Lyn recently and here is the "tale" of our visit. 

We had arranged to meet at 1:00.  Eric and I arrived at Parkwood Hospital at 12:55 and immediately got discombobulated and after wandering halls and phoning for directions, we headed towards the right bank of elevators.  As the elevators doors opened out came Peter seated in a wheelchair expertly guided by Lyn.

As you all know, Peter has unique terms for everyone he associates with, so he immediately greeted my husband  with "Fabersham" (only you 60's Beverly Hillbilly fans have a chance at making that connection).  Peter extended his hand out for a handshake. 

We all congregated in a visitor's lounge and spent some time catching up and talking about Peter’s daily routine. 

He has been at Parkwood Hospital for about three weeks now and has a very full daily therapy program.  The staff are very attentive and work with Peter on a  number of different types of therapy which he seems to be responding to.  He has made excellent progress during his short time at Parkwood. 

Peter followed our conversation and contributed here and there.  Including some typical Mocklerisms.  At one point he showed us a former feeding tube that ends with two prongs.  He pointed to each one and described them “ for white and red”.  At another point when we were asking about his exercises Peter made an elbow bending motion with a hand perfectly positioned to hold a wine glass.   We had some good laughs.   

After about 30 minutes Peter grew tired and we said our goodbyes so he could rest.  We took Lyn out for lunch and she explained some of Peter’s condition a bit further.  He does have some typical stroke survivor symptoms such as what she described as a “mask”.  He is unable to display facial emotions such as smiling.  And he gets frustrated from time to time when he thinks he isn’t making the progress he should.  All challenges that are associated with brain injury and the recovery process. 

At this point, it’s just one step at a time.  Peter will be leaving Parkwood most likely before the end of the year and will be coming home.  From that point he will continue his therapy as an outpatient.  Lyn hopes that once he is settled into a new routine that there may be more of an opportunity for visits later in 2014. 

Eric and I were very happy to see how far Peter has progressed.  There is still much work ahead but Peter has never ducked a challenge.

On a personal note, while at Parkwood Eric checked into Facebook on his phone for some reason.  Instead of signing in he “checked in” – which apparently sent out some GPS signal that he was at Parkwood Hospital.  Since then he has been continuously responding to people who think he is a patient in the hospital and sending him best wishes for a speedy recovery.  Another lesson learned as to why old people are dangerous around Facebook, albeit Eric has been in touch with some friends he hasn’t connected with recently.  So our visit ended up reuniting with some friends - yet one more thing we can thank Peter Mockler for……


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