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Reid Thornley Reid Thornley

Peter - you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Can't help smiling when I think about my time working with you. I haven't learned that much and laughed that much since then. Hey - had baby #4 since I saw you last. A boy - we named him Peter!

Diane Croessmann Diane Croessmann

Peter, Thinking of you and wishing you a blessed and wonderful holiday with your family. You are an inspiration in more ways than one. Merry Christmas!! Diane

Heather Simmons Heather Simmons

Peter, I just got back from the Miller. The bartender's wondering why revenues were down 22% this year. I promised we'd make it up to her next year. Happy holidays! Heather

Ray Palmer Ray Palmer

I feel like I got an early Christmas present. I just found out that the Boss is going home soon. That's great news Peter and Lyn. I am really looking forward to hearing from you Peter. Have a Merry Christmas folks.

Carol Grimes Carol Grimes

Fantastic news! What a lovely Christmas present! So, so happy for you all!

Greg ( elwood blues) Nowik Greg ( elwood blues) Nowik

I just had the best call a person can have! Peter and Lynn called me and the" boss" told me he is going home in 19 days! I did see him in September 10th and the difference between then and now is dramatic!!! I had a great conversation with him today and he is looking forward to going home. This is a true testament to his character and will to fight. We love the Mocklers and are so happy! The Nowiks

Pat Pat

Hey Duke it's Howard. I was driving down A1A in Delray Beach in the convertible yesterday when Honeycomb caming on the radio. Couldn't help but laugh about our fatefull night in Grand Bend in 72 in the B. Hang in there buddy. Hope we can get together for some golf in the spring.

Alan and Diane Chatterson Alan and Diane Chatterson

PETER, glad to hear you are doing much better. The judge would be proud of you!! wWe are with you. Alan & Diane Chatterson

Eric Pascoe Eric Pascoe

Hi Lynn - I have an old Xerox picture of Peter and the rest of us from the Branch in Vancouver on one of our trips to Las Vegas. I would like to send along but am having difficulties doing so here. Could you please forward an email address that I could send it to. Thx Eric [email protected]

C.A. Stark C.A. Stark

Good Morning Peter What a Man What a Family What Friends What a Journey God’s speed in Peter’s time! Luv Cyn & Mike

Bob Bauer Bob Bauer

Hello Peter and Lyn, Glad to hear the news about your progress. It is nice to know that you have not lost your sense of humour. Melski and I look forward to having sushi in 2014. Your loving friends, Bobo and Melski

Tony Martens Tony Martens

Hello Peter, I am glad to hear you are making considerable progress and share your hope to be home by Christmas. That would be great! I miss our conversations when you drive by my house - brings back memories of our days at London Life together trying to motivate the mortgage sales staff. And you certainly did! Cheers! Tony

Deborah & Randy Deborah & Randy

Peter, the old gal here. Randy and I were in Washington last week and couldn't bring ourselves to order a ole of Amerone without you. We settled on a lovely Chianti instead and toasted you with positive happy thoughts and voila...we received this uplifting update. Just goes to show you how right you are.....never stop drinking good Italian red wine. Love and hugs to you both, the children and grandchildren. xoxoxox

rick ayotte rick ayotte

Peter, Lynn, Meagan, and Brent, It is great to see Peter (Pierre) making some huge strides towards recovery. It no doubt is challenging for everyone, particularly you Peter, because you have always been a high achiever in everything you have faced in life. Unfortunately this challenge will take a bit more time than you would like; however with your perseverance, you will succeed. A bunch of your old Xerox buddies are getting together this weekend, including Tom Matthews (skipper), Claude Laurin (Rene Bombom Simard), Murray Skinner (Rambo), and Doug Penny (loose change) and we will be thinking of you and wishing you were there with us to reminisce some of those old fishing trips. We are hopeful that maybe next year you will be able to join us. Keep the faith and and great things will happen. Rick Ayotte (Kato)

Bill Mockler Bill Mockler

Dear is so good to hear of your determined march forward. Lori and I think of you every day and we are looking forward to getting together for our annual Bayfield romp....Bob and Terry would be so so proud of your iron will...Many thanks to Maureen and Eric for this update...Lynn please give kind regards to Peter from us....