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Posted 2013-06-29T13:50:28Z

June 29th am - A Special Message from Lyn, Meagan and Brent

We are happy to let you know that Peter has arrived back home to the Hospital here in London as of early this week. He is settling into his new circumstances. We can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have him back within our care.

It is going to be a long road to recovery for Peter. We are advised that patience is required and that it is just one day at a time….

This is our opportunity to tell all of you once again how much we appreciate your thoughts and prayers and stories. We can’t tell you how uplifting this website has been for us. There is nothing more you could have done for us. You should know that every word posted has been so appreciated by the three of us and read to Peter. We are keeping track of every comment and story to continue to share with Peter as he recuperates.

Peter isn’t ready for visitors as of this point but we know that any continued dialogue on this website will be an integral part of his recovery. We couldn’t ask for any better remedy then to let Peter know all his friends are thinking of him, wishing him well, and sharing reminisces.

Our intent will be to try and post updates every month or so regarding Peter’s progress.

Wish us all well over the upcoming weeks. Know that we will be energized by your support as we continue on the road to recovery with Peter..

Lyn, Meagan, Brent

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