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Peter Webb's Journey

Following Peter Webb's journey after hospital admission for abdominal pain and discovering cancer.

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2017-12-31T15:55:21Z

The end of 2017!

Beautiful, wonderful, family and friends!

Thank you for your continued prayers! Peter was discharged 12/16 after getting emergency abdominal surgery to untwist his intestines. The recovery went better than we could have dreamed, and we were able to celebrate at all of our family Christmas gatherings!! That was a deep desire in my heart and God protected it for me. I’m so thankful!

Peter is still dealing with normal abdominal discomfort and going to Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Appointments (and all the rehab jokes that go with that have definitely been happening) to help rebuild all the strength he lost in the last year. He is doing so well and it’s been a joy for us to be home together as a family again, talking about our dreams and goals, and loving spending time with our friends.

Going forward, Peter will have monthly appointments and tests to be confident the cancer doesn’t return. He will have scans periodically as well. If things progress in the fullness-of-health way we are believing for, he will have less appointments each year, and in a few years we will only be going for annual tests. 

Please continue to pray for our family, for protection and wisdom as we phase back into our full lives. WorshipArts begins January 13th and Peter is intent on teaching a full schedule as soon as possible. Prayers for people to come along to support, prayers for interns, and the students and their families always welcome! And of course long term, please pray for complete healing and restoration of every system in Peter’s body.

As we end this year, and head into 2018 tonight, I would love it if you prayed for others in our community. Ask God to pour out his healing—so many we know are fighting cancer or other serious illnesses. So many we know are dealing with intense grief and loss. So many are facing their darkest hours of hopelessness. But one thing I know about you—you, my friends, have the deep and great Light of Jesus in you! And that Light is our hope, the anchor of our souls. Pray for His peace and Light to carry us and advance His kingdom in 2018, no matter what circumstances we may face!

We may update now and then, but our hope is this can be one of the last entries here. If you aren’t friends with us on Facebook, please send us a message and request to be! We love having you in our lives and we are so thankful for your support this year.

Such deep love for you, our friends,

Peter, Tori and Esther Joy 

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