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Shannon Sweeney - Journal

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Posted 2014-09-08T06:35:03Z

Update 9/7

Shannon has been keeping very busy.

Last week we drove out to Northridge to have her evaluated for getting back behind the wheel.  She passed with flying colors and they actually put her in a properly modified van on the streets of LA.  We now have a list of upgrades for our van to make it Shannon friendly.  Hopefully she will be back behind the wheel by the end of the year.[...]

Posted 2014-07-23T03:13:12Z

It's been a year...

Hi all, Shannon here.  I can't believe it's been a year ( July 18th, last Friday was the one year anniversary) and it felt so short and yet so long.  I have not had any huge improvements lately, but I have found new ways to get most things done with what I've got.  I am learning to accept that I will never play the piano again or cook, garden, or bicycle like I used to, but I have modified pruning sheers to hack away at my plants, and a modified cooking knife which has not drawn blood yet.  Everybody tells me I am doing so well and asks me how I manage and the truth is that I have an amazing support group.  Early on I was lamenting on all the things I could no longer do and a wise man told me that anybody that has lived long enough goes through the same thing, mine just came earlier then expected.  Another day I was super frustrated at how much I need to rely on others and another wise man told me that I need to spend some time each day being grateful for my blessings. [...]

Posted 2014-06-10T04:55:45Z

6/9 - Life slowly normalizing

I can't believe how long it has been since my last update.  Time is flying by so I thought that it was about time.  Our march to normalcy continues.  I've updated some photos in the Photo section of some of Shannon activities (at least the ones that I remember a camera).  It includes a rare sight of Shannon in her manual chair (amazing what you can buy on Ebay).  Kirin loves pushing her around.  Last weekend was Kevin's graduation in Cub Scouts.  We decided to camp.  It was quite a bit of work, but we pulled it off.  Just an overnighter at Lake Lopez, but a good first shot at camping. [...]

Posted 2014-01-20T07:18:58Z

1/18 Update - 6 Month Anniversary

Well, we've made it 6 months.  What a long journey it has been.  Time for a little update.

The new medication continues to help with the sweating.  While not eliminated, she is feeling much better.  Good enough to get back to work, which she started at the end of December.  We will be heading back to Santa Clara for an outpatient visit the first week of February to look into additional options for the sweating and for a general follow up.[...]

Posted 2013-12-19T06:37:21Z

12/18 Update

I'm very happy to say that we may have turned the corner with Shannon.  The new medication is working well and she is feeling MUCH better.  The sweating has not been completely eliminated but is greatly reduced.  She slept all the way to 6:45 this morning (1st time in months).  I'm hoping it gets even better with a little more time.  It's great to see her feeling good again.[...]

Posted 2013-12-16T06:15:12Z

12/15 Update

The results of the bone scan were negative (indicating that she was not experiencing a bone/joint problem).  The good news is that a doctor up in Santa Clara has seen something similar to this in the past and recommended a new medication for Shannon.  She started it Friday night and we are giving it some time before we pass judgement.  [...]

Posted 2013-12-12T07:18:49Z

12/11 Update

Not much to report as of late.  We have been talking with the rehab doctor in Santa Clara and continue to follow suggestions.  He did not think that the second antibiotic was sufficient, so she started a third on Sunday.  No reduction in sweating and general cruddy feeling.  Next theory up is some form of calcification.  Shannon has been started on 1,800mg a day of Ibuprofen and tomorrow we are headed back to Sierra Vista for a bone scan.  With those results we can engage with Santa Clara again and find out what the next step will be.[...]

Posted 2013-12-03T06:27:45Z

12/2 Update

Shannon did get to talk to the folks at Santa Clara and all the appropriate paperwork has been delivered.  They were supposed to give us a call today, but that did not happen.  In the meantime, we did another urine culture on Wednesday and just got the results back today.  I don't know if it the same infection or a new one, but she is back an antibiotics to deal with a UTI.  Instead of a 5 day course, we are now on a 7 day one. [...]

Posted 2013-11-22T06:12:20Z

11/21 Update

Well the antibiotics are done but the sweating remains.  I know it they will still be working for a few days so not all is lost.  Another doctor appointment today resulting in a "I don't know."  Answer.  He's suggesting a trip back to the experts in Santa Clara/Stanford.  We are trying out one of his suggestions though - spray on antiperspirant (treat the symptom, not the cause).  We'll see if it helps Shannon get any additional sleep tonight.  She has even cut her hair shorter to try to help (less to get wet - picture in Photos).  [...]