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Patiricia Bernal Patiricia Bernal

Double WOW! so excited for you Shannon and stunned by your accomplishments. You have such tenacity, you are very inspiring! Keep up the fabulous work! Love the photos and seeing the joy on your face. Fam looks good too! Hugs from NM!

Mark Capitain Mark Capitain

Wow!!! I am super excited for you!!! Awesome to see that you will be driving again. Also, super stoked that you are able to get back in the water and surf!! I was actually surfing south side of the pier on Saturday. Over the last couple months of me surfing at Pismo, I have taken notice of the Amp-surfers. What a cool organization!!

Kathleen Freitag Kathleen Freitag

Super surfer Shannon! Totally, gnarly friend! ;)

Ann Dalkey Ann Dalkey

Congratulations Shannon, two new accomplishments to add to the list! We're looking forward to the kayaking photos. Is it sea kayaking or lake????

Paul J. Karp Paul J. Karp

Congratz, Sweeneys. What an accomplishment!

laura krulewecki laura krulewecki

an Ampsurf instructor is who taught Austin to surf as well! Good people....glad you are having some fun.... keep giving Eric something to lose sleep over! hahah I sent an invite to Austin's Eagle Court of Honor to Eric's email address for this weekend. There is wheelchair accessibility at the Dana Adobe in Nipomo. RSVP if you guys can make it Saturday at can arrive a little early and get thru the taco bar first : ) (805) 473-1842 thanks for the update!

Patricia Karp Patricia Karp

Wow, Shannon... you are one busy girl!! Not only driving, but surfing too. Loved the facial expression you had while on the board, I could tell you were having a great time!! YOU GO GIRL!!! BTW, I need you to call me and give me an update on the "collage" :D

Mary Scarbrough Mary Scarbrough

Fantastic. I wish I could have seen you!

Alicia Lara Alicia Lara

Wow Shannon, surfing?! How awesome. And passing your driving test with flying colors... of course you did. You continue to define everything by your terms, as you always have. So excited for you. Hugs

Sherry Burns Sherry Burns

I want to hear all about the surfing!!!! What an awesome thing to be able to do.

Kate Sandusky Kate Sandusky

Hi Shannon. It's so wonderful to hear from you! I love the selfie of you two. You both look so content, peaceful, and happy. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photo and your journey with us.

laura krulewecki laura krulewecki

Hi Shannon, LOVE that photo!
It is my current goal is also to be able to exercise on the exercise machine longer then it takes to get me to get ready too! hahaha Wo glad to receive your post and rejoice with you in this one year anniversary - a tale of survival- physical, emotional, family, professional... in so many ways both you and Eric continue to inspire us. YEA for YOU!!!! Laura Krulewecki

Doreen and Kevin O'Donovan Doreen and Kevin O'Donovan

Thanks for posting an update Shannon. It is so good to hear from you. It is amazing that it has been a year. So much many adjustments to make by one family in a year and hopefully many more good ones to come.

Patiricia Bernal Patiricia Bernal

WoW! Great to hear from you Shannon and you look beautiful in Kirin's selfie. Good to get updated on everything in your life. Doug and I moved back to NM but you remain in our thoughts and prayers. We're so proud and awed by ;your many accomplishments and that undeniable tenacity you have. I hope life continues to bring you many blessings and you continue to be your own OT and master your world. Keep us posted and here's to a great summer!

Katie Katie

Glad you got to go camping! Was really great talking with you this past week. Katie McNeill