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Posted 2014-01-20T07:18:58Z

1/18 Update - 6 Month Anniversary

Well, we've made it 6 months.  What a long journey it has been.  Time for a little update.

The new medication continues to help with the sweating.  While not eliminated, she is feeling much better.  Good enough to get back to work, which she started at the end of December.  We will be heading back to Santa Clara for an outpatient visit the first week of February to look into additional options for the sweating and for a general follow up.

Life is slowly turning into our new version of normal.  On Friday we got rid of the hospital bed and she is back in a normal one.  The other week we went on a hike with friends that was wheelchair friendly (see picture in the photo section).  Shannon spent her first day in a non-powered wheelchair since she got home today.  She can't move very far or fast, but she is hoping to build up arm strength and flexibility so this can be an occasional option on days that don't require moving around very far.

Regarding mobility, conventional wisdom states that if you are going to gain back functionality it usually happens in the first six months.  Unfortunately with Shannon's "complete" designation, she has not gained any new additional functionality since September.  She has shoulders, biceps, wrists, and very weak triceps.  She started outpatient physical therapy last week and is really hoping to build up those triceps.  No movement of the hands and she cannot feel anything below the top of her chest.

Thank you to everyone for all the help, support, and encouragement. 

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