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September Update

Hi all, it’s Joanne. It’s been a month since Kelly’s journal entry so I figured I needed to step up and give an update. By the way, huge kudos to Kelly. A month ago, I was still in too much shock to write anything. So, she managed to create this site and craft that beautiful description based only on my second-hand ramblings. There’s a reason the girl has been the VP of Marketing Communications for a number of companies!
Yesterday was the last day of my second round of chemo, and I now have a break for 2 ½ weeks – yay. Can’t exactly break out the champagne, but it does give my body a chance to heal and settle down. I’ve generally been handling chemo quite well apart from the normal fatigue and fuzzy brain. I get 3 shots a day in my stomach for 7 days. The big benefit is convenience: I’m in, I’m out. The downside is a sore tummy. I’ve suddenly become a big fashion proponent of pull-on pants.
No news on the transplant front. Supposedly, Stanford is already looking for a match, but my first meeting there isn’t until October 31. Yup, Halloween. Ignore scary stories, look for the trick or treat candy (despite swearing off sugar.)
Thank you for all your posts. I’m a bit overcome by them but very appreciative. It’s like the thrill of yearbooks, but we’re all so much more articulate.  🙂
If you’d like to help, I’m looking for reading suggestions. Fun, diverting, take-you-away type novels. Right now, I can’t handle anything too intense, sad, scary or political (which today is all of the above.) For those who have read them, The Night Circus and Crazy Rich Asians are about the right speed…
I want to thank 3 groups, in particular, so far on this journey. First, the doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists at Kaiser Permanente San Rafael. I was a happy Kaiser member before. Now, I’m convinced that they are the best run health organization in the country.
Second, my heart extends to my pit crew of close friends, brother and niece here in the Bay Area who have carved out extra time to call, visit, arrange dinners and conduct research despite their busy, still-working lives. When I make it to the other side of this, a key blessing will be that we’re even closer than we were already.
And third, many thanks to my deeply experienced energy healers, one in Hawaii and one here. I’ve been getting healings at least twice a week since this all started coming down. At minimum, they’ve eased my treatments and given me hope and optimism. At best, maybe a miracle! Ping me if you want to know more.
‘Till next month.

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