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Posted 2020-10-05T07:05:58Z

Update on Joanne

Hello everyone,

I’m sending this note on Joanne’s behalf.  She wanted all of you to know that, after a brief hospitalization for breathing issues this weekend, she came home and entered hospice.

Joanne is thankful for each of you and sends her love. She appreciates the love and support that you have provided over the past two years and two months. Her health journey has been long and arduous, and your visits, phone calls and messages have helped her along the way. 

Now our beautiful friend is ready for her journey to a new world. Her caregiver Sera and hospice staff will strive to keep her comfortable during this time.  While Joanne’s spirit remains strong, her physical condition is very weak. Talking can exhaust her, so please understand if she is not able to take your phone call or see you in person.

I encourage you to post a message on this site or send Joanne a text or email message, sharing a special memory or story. Joanne may not have the energy to respond, but she will love hearing from you.

With gratitude for your caring thoughts and words for Joanne,
Pat Williams (friend of Joanne for almost 40 years)

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Comments (16)

  • Lisa

    Sending love, prayers and our great memories. xxx

    one month ago · Reply
  • Kevin Woo
    Kevin Woo

    Joanne, a Rose by any other name. My heart dwells with thee ... Kevin

    one month ago · Reply
  • Helen Rigby
    Helen Rigby

    Hi Joanne, I love your lively personality. Your life has been full and adventurous. And I've appreciated your efforts to see me when I'm in the SF area. I look at your life and I think, "well done"! Hugs, kisses, and prayers. Helen R.

    one month ago · Reply
  • Julie Kaufman
    Julie Kaufman

    Joanne, now I know why you haven’t called back. I’m so sorry although not terribly surprised. Please know how much our friendship has meant to me this last year and a half - it has been my great privilege and pleasure to have known you and shared our medical journey together. You have given me strength and inspiration many times, as I hope I have sometimes given you. Sending you love and peace.

    one month ago · Reply
  • Janis von Thaden
    Janis von Thaden

    Dear Joanne, Meeting you and sharing time together at Oxford was the beginning of a friendship that I will always treasure. Thank you for your courageous examples of fortitude, optimism, humor in the face of adversity, candor, generosity, and faith. May that faith and the love of family and friends envelope you and bring you peace. Godspeed my friend. Love, Janis

    one month ago · Reply
  • Sumy Augenstein
    Sumy Augenstein

    Joanne, It was a pleasure getting to meet and know you again after all these years - I am so glad I got to see you a few times, and so sorry the sf treatment didn’t work and our next meeting won’t happen. I wish you only the best, and send you all my love, joy, and peaceful energy. If there is anything I can do for you, you only have to ask. Love, Sumy

    one month ago · Reply
  • Holly Hurst
    Holly Hurst

    Dear Joanne Mike and I both are very sad to hear this news. We are praying for you and sending our love. I have missed our Filoli visits 💕 All my love Holly

    one month ago · Reply
  • Linnell Chang
    Linnell Chang

    Pat, thank you so much for posting this very sad update on Joanne. I appreciate how heart-wrenching it must have been for you to compose it. Joanne, my dear friend, I will message you directly.

    one month ago · Reply
  • Colin C Crawford
    Colin C Crawford

    Thanks for being such a good friend, our thoughts are with you Colin & Sue xxx

    one month ago · Reply

    Joanne, friendships are gifts that open whenever two friends connect. One of the many gifts our friendship has given me came in a lunch a few years ago in Napa, when I had the privilege -- and a privilege it was -- of learning of your family's remarkable history. And remarkable it was, traced (if I remember correctly) to medieval Spain and ultimately running through an airplane heading to Israel, flying at night, guided by the reflections below and stars above. Such a family: fierce; fighters; intellectually brilliant and professionally accomplished; and with you as an example, extremely civilized, citizens of the world. Continue to fly, Joanne -- high above, guided by the reflections of those who love you, and the stars above. Jon and Lisa Stine

    one month ago · Reply
  • Sally M Williams
    Sally M Williams

    Oh, my goodness, Joanne. I am so, so sad to hear this news. Your courageous fight through your illness has inspired me. And I really hoped for a different outcome. You and I have so many good shared memories from our time together at Frito-Lay many years ago. It was such a special group of people, and especially a terrific group of stalented women! I hope those memories are among those that bring you smiles now. I will continue to pray for you. May God overflow with compassion for you, give you peace and comfort, and be at your side. Sending you my love -- Sally Williams

    one month ago · Reply
  • Kelly Wilson
    Kelly Wilson

    Joanne, I talk to you all the time so you know how I feel, but I still wanted to post something here. Specifically, I want to blast out to the universe what I have to say. If I were being business-like I would simply say three words: “you are amazing.” Of course business-like (I think it is akin to being lady-like) is not really my style. Exuberance is due! And why wouldn’t it be… you are my go to person for laughing at the world’s craziness, my go to person for all sanity checks when I am worried, my travel companion extraordinaire, and the one person I can count on to find humor in the oddest of places (e.g., cracking each other up about the flowers that were having bad hair days, posing with the well-endowed bull statue because really that was something to see, making up other reasons that the tree of the month won her plaque… I could go on and on… laughing is always easy when we are together). And for the record, I still am not convinced that the end is nigh, because I don’t know anyone in the world more resolute, purposeful, determined, and unwavering. You are tough as nails and have achieved so much in life enabled by your sheer force of will and exceptional intelligence. I am still holding to my believe that you will survive us all and the apocalypse to boot. I know you may need me to accept a different reality, but I just can’t. I just can’t. I am wiping away a tear now and bucking up again because any other reality is unconscionable. So lean to the bliss that is palliative care, and know that we will laugh again. A lot. I cherish every good memory and every “voice of reason” piece of advice you have ever given me. If for some completely ridiculous reason I am wrong, and you do fail to kick this cancer’s butt, know that I will talk to you in spirit (even though I am not that granola/spiritual) I will do it because we are going to laugh more and I am going to continue to need you in my life.

    one month ago · Reply
  • Stephanie Kirtland
    Stephanie Kirtland

    Dear Joanne -- Though I've only known you through this ordeal, I have so grown to respect, admire and love who you are: a fighter and a lover. You have loved life -- and fought against this illness in amazing ways. And I honor you for it. You are a deep thinking, feeler and seeker -- and I know there is still much ahead. This morning when i first heard the news I lifted you up in prayer and cried out to the Father: and immediately heard back: "I've got her." So may you rest in His Arms and let Him do the fighting for you. And may you also receive all the love and prayers coming your way, dear one. - Stephanie

    one month ago · Reply
  • Sarah Weber
    Sarah Weber

    Joanne, I was always been impressed by your quiet strength, your grace and your intelligence. Even as kids growing up in Los Gatos, you were always kind and thoughtful. I don’t really know the person you have become, but when I would see you at class reunions, you still seemed to be that sweet, graceful girl who just never seemed to age. I am sorry you are losing this fight and I wish you peace from this life to whatever comes next.

    one month ago · Reply
  • sandy andris
    sandy andris

    Dear Joanne, My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I have so many good memories of our fun days at Golden Grain. You were such an inspiration with your amazing charisma and marketing smarts! Sending much love your way. XO Sandy Andris

    one month ago · Reply
  • Victor Koman
    Victor Koman

    Thank you for this update, Pat. I'm so sorry that the weapons of science failed, but I am grateful for the last two years of our being able to tell Joanne of all the joy she brought us over six decades. Whether close friend, schoolmate, or distant acquaintance, she warms us all with her all-embracing glow. Bon Voyage, Joanne, on your continuing travel.

    one month ago · Reply