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Guyla Yoak Guyla Yoak

Joanne - I am so sorry to hear this news. You have been and will be in my thoughts often. I'm so glad I had a chance to visit with you in the last couple years at your lovely home in Marin as well as having dinner in Davis. And I've been so frustrated the pandemic has prevented me from making another visit. Sending you lots of love and wishing you great comfort and peace.

Chira (Cheryl) Rosen Chira (Cheryl) Rosen

Dear Joanne, I just heard through the LGHS grapevine of your situation. I'm so sorry I won't get to see you again. Whether at Temple Emmanuel, at LGHS, or here in Paris , I always admired your " get up and go", optimism, and intelligence. Always ready and courageous, never backing down , and a good friend! I wish you kindness and the easiest of passings!
It was wonderful to know you, Joanne !!! love, Chira

Jim Lussier Jim Lussier

Dearest Joanne,

I had hoped to visit you this week before I left and heard from Pat that it doesn’t make sense so sending this message. Joanne, it has been such a pleasure to know you all these 25 plus years. You’ve been a wonderful friend and colleague and you’ve touched a lot of lives including mine in such a positive way. We’ve worked on so many interesting projects together both before and after Andersen, and I’m so glad we stayed in touch and our friendship continued to deepen. Can you believe you and I almost got into the shoelace business together? I will always remember our lunches in Sausalito where we talked about our dreams and I have valued your advice, empathy, sense of humor and your quest for the perfect pair of black pants. In one of our last meetings we started to discuss spirituality and you shared that you’ve been involved on that plane for many years. Even though we can’t stand to see you go, I’m glad that your pain will be coming to an end and that you can enter your next chapter in peace and grace. Once you get there, if anyone can figure out how to communicate with us what it’s like, you can and I hope you will. If not, I look forward to seeing you again when I get there!


Jim Lussier

Irene Aida Ortiz Irene Aida Ortiz

Joanne , I’m cheering you on Girl ! Thank You for being such a supportive help to me when we put on that 60 Th B Day Party for our 1972 Los Gatos High School Reunion!
You’re in my 🙏🏻‘s ... I Love You ! ✡️

Deb Decker (Brooks) Deb Decker (Brooks)

Dear Joanne, my Lettergirl Buddy. We stood tall and proud above all the rest and you will too on your next journey in life. I am so proud to have known you mostly in those very precious high school days. You always made my life filled with smiles and laughter. Stay peaceful and know all our Love & Prayers are with you. ❤️😇🙏

Julie Danis Julie Danis

Dear Joanne,

It was just a few years ago when we sat outside at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, shivering while watching Mary Zimmerman's "Odyssey". I'm so happy we shared that weekend and a blanket with the woman sitting next to us.

I have always admired your intelligence, compassion, tenaciousness, and sense of adventure. I will cherish my visit to Larkspur where we played with pillows and place settings, all part of your vision of being a chatelaine, a mistress of a chateau!

I wish I could hear your laughter, your voice, your love again. Our friendship will live in my heart.

I send my prayers for peace and freedom.


Debbie Gawrych Debbie Gawrych

Joanne: My dear friend. So bittersweet to hear that you are ready to transition last night. We said our goodbyes and I am not ready. I'm not sure I will ever be ready, but then that is selfish of me. You are and will be a brilliant light. I see you as Sandy agreed as hiking through the hills around your home in Larkspur and at Banff when we took our epic "Women's Trip to Celebrate Joanne's Birthday" You are hiking into the sun; into the light and I will carry that memory with me always.

As I write this, tears are falling. There is sadness and there is Joy and peace. Sadness to say Goodbye. Joy that you will no longer be in pain. Peace that your transition is Peaceful. You will not be and are not forgotten. You will live on in memory and are a spiritual guide for me and so many of your friends. God Bless you........With all my Love, Debbie Gawrych (your sister in spirit and friend in this world and beyond)

Victor Koman Victor Koman

Dearest Joanne — The years I spent in school growing up with you, seeing your smiling face every day, are years that I’ll always remember. We may not have been the closest of friends, but you were one of the people I always looked for at the start of each school year. If I saw you, I knew that it would be a good year.

As you precede us into that next great Adventure, just know that when I get there myself, I’ll seek you out , because I know you’ll have mastered Heaven as flawlessly as you mastered grade school, junior high, and high school, and all those post-Los Gatos years when I saw you only at our reunions.

All my love to you, Joanne. I wish for you freedom: from pain, from want, from need, from sorrow. And I wish you the joy of discovery of the great Next. May there always be a Next!

Your friend,

Karen Gullett Karen Gullett

Hello my friend. I said a toast to you and good times shared last night. Very special as I used the little sherry glasses that we found in San Anselmo on our holiday shopping trip. Of course, the true highlight of that time together was our wine and cheese bar Happy Hour time. Will continue to hold you in our hearts and prayers. Karen Gullett

P Atwood P Atwood


Though we haven't seen one another in too many years, I salute you from afar every July 25th! I'm remembering those times I got to hang out with you at your house (didn't you once have an ice cream sundae birthday party?), watch you from the stands as you cheered on our high school athletes in your coveted LGHS Letter Girl uniform, and then later on being so impressed when you bought your first sofa for your SF apartment. (I think I was still in the futon stage.) Yes, it's been a while!

May your path ahead be calm and filled with memories of all of the joy and love you've shared with so many people. I am certain that you will be surrounded by love and forever kept in our hearts.


Julia Wyckoff Julia Wyckoff

Joanne, thank you for our time together over meals, at theaters and museums, and walking outdoors! My most vivid recent memory is our trip to the Disney museum at the Presidio, hearing stories from your childhood about visits to Disneyland with your family. You have an adventurous spirit, a delightfully sharp sense of humor, and a warm heart. Please take the power of my love and the strength of my faith on your journey. - Julia

Jennifer Laity Jennifer Laity

Dearest Joanne, You are a beacon of light and courage and an example to all of how to live well, live honestly and love life. We hold you close and pray that you are in peace and without pain.
With love,
Jennifer and Bob

Mary Krasn Mary Krasn

My Thanksgiving Buddy. I'm thinking of you and admire you so much for your courage and fortitude. Wishing you a safe journey home. Love, Lisa's Friend Mary

Kimberly Elsbach Kimberly Elsbach


I will always be inspired by your passion and energy. Your willingness to give back to your alma mater and your love for your students. Thank you so much for being a vibrant part of the Graduate School of Management. We are a better place because of you. With Love, Kim Elsbach

Holly Hurst Holly Hurst

Dearest Joanne
Mike and I have been praying for you nightly. We were hoping you would make it out to visit us in the TX Hill Country. We are both so saddened to hear this news. You are a special person who we think of often. I remember our fun times at Filoli and in Ashland and Shopping!!! That was another trip I was hoping we could again.
Jesus is our way to true salvation.
We love you and are praying for you still.
Holly and Mike