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πŸ₯Š sock it to that devil !! From 6 feet πŸ‘

Victor Koman Victor Koman

Hi, Joanne β€” I wrote a message yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have posted, so here it is again. It's been a few weeks and I just wanted you to know that we are all sending you warm, healing vibes all the time. Yes, it's been years β€” decades sometimes β€” between you and I seeing each other, but you are one of the people from Los Gatos whom I think of often, mostly because I felt we were both optimistic, happy people. I hope you continue to have reserves of that from which you can draw. In any case, all your friends from all your phases of life are beaming their love and hopes and prayers to you. Wrap yourself in them and stay warm.

All best wishes and love,


Victor Koman Victor Koman

Hi, Joanne β€” I want to wish you a very happy (if belated) New Year. I hope things are getting better and I'm sending you all best wishes from here in SoCal. I dreamed last night that we were at a celebration of your return to health, with people from LGHS . And just like that picnic in 2014, I didn't recognize a lot of people, but you were there and looked the same as you did five years ago, thirty years ago, fifty years ago, smiling that warm smile you always shared with everyone. I and your legion of friends hope 2020 gives you many reasons to smile. Be well.

Love and best wishes,


Tony Covill Tony Covill

hi Joanne from rainy London. Get well soon and we look forward to seeing in the sunshine in July.
All love from Bella and Tony xxx

Julia Wyckoff Julia Wyckoff

Glad you got home safely and can work on healing in your sanctuary! See you soon ❀️

John Fleming John Fleming

Hi Joanne, It's John. Your first boyfriend. I'm not into social media, but I value your friendship so much. I just found out that you have not been doing well. For what it is worth, I am praying for you. I would love to talk with you. 566-9345

Victor Koman Victor Koman

Joanne! I hope you had a great birthday. Keep on improving and growing stronger every day. We are all rooting for you! Stay cool -- lots of love directed your way!

All best wishes,

Jennifer Marks Jennifer Marks

Wonderful news Joanne. We are so looking forward to having you back in Marin. I am away for a few weeks in Australia but the moment I am back I will connect and plan a time to come visit. Meantime hope all goes well with the return to home, and keep us posted. Love and hugs, Jennifer

Debbie Gawrych Debbie Gawrych

I am overjoyed to hear your good news Joanne. What a miracle and blessing!!!!Can’t wait to see you again and home with you on those trails. You are an amazing example for all of us about Fortitude and Perseverance in the The face of whatever adversity life brings. I am celebrating with you over your great news,
Love Debbie πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŒˆπŸ’«πŸŽˆ

Sharon Finke Sharon Finke

Wow! What an amazing story and comeback. I’m so happy for you Joanne. Just truly amazing but then again you are amazing. I guess I should also start thinking about a visit next year and perhaps some hiking. So many things to look forward to. Talk soon. Xoxo


Yippie! See you back in Marin soon.

Sheila Zelinger Sheila Zelinger

Fantastic news Joanne about the biopsy, going back home (although I will miss our visits), and looking forward. I am absolutely thrilled for you!

Jo Lynn Lambert Jo Lynn Lambert

Hi Joanne! In solidarity with you, I am taking a nap and having a milkshake every day. It's the least I can do.
Love and hugs from Southern California!
Jo Lynn (and Mike)

Victor Koman Victor Koman

Joanne -- I'm ecstatic to read that you're out of the hospital and recuperating. Love and best wishes for good news when you get the biopsy! It sounds as if you have the friend network and positive attitude you need to prevail. We will keep beaming love and hope at you from SoCal and around the world. I would drop by if I could, but these posts will have to suffice for now. Hang in there and we'll meet again in 2022 at our class reunion!


Victor Koman Victor Koman

So glad that you can laugh at silly parody songs and even post about it on FB. (And on March 4th--the only day of the year that is a command to move onward!) Hang in there. We are all sending you love and healing thoughts. Take it a day at a time and keep laughing!