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Posted 2013-03-31T12:40:42Z

March 28-31

Thursday through Sunday:

Brenda moved from Kindred to Miami Valley Rehab Thursday afternoon. She is in room 4210, Zone A. That afternoon they started their evaluation. The first piece of information that they provided was her meal schedule, breakfast at 730 am, lunch Noon, dinner at 4:30 pm and visitation hours, starts at 5 pm and ends at 8 pm. Rehab starts at 8 am Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. Rehab consists of Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Recreational rehab. The Occupational rehab interviewed her to determine what she wanted to accomplish and that is what they will work on, example dressing. Physical rehab set goals with Brenda, example stand up and walk. She was able to stand up straight in a normal fashion with very little assistance, best ever. This week she had rehab on Saturday, she moves into a wheel chair to do Occupational and Physical rehab. Speech works with her on exercising her swallowing and brain exercises, example she used the alphabet to provide male and female name per letter. Recreational goal is to develop her hand / eye coordination through the use of games. The respiratory therapist will work with Brenda on capping the Trach; she will need to remain capped for Forty-eight (48) hours before they will remove her Trach.

She can receive visitors after 5 pm until 8 pm Monday through Saturday and Sunday starts at 11 am, room 4210, Zone A, Miami Valley Rehab. Since Brenda is doing Rehab I will provide weekly updates on Sunday.

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