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April 1 through 7

Monday through Sunday:

Brenda’s first week, Monday through Saturday, at Miami Valley Rehab (4210 Zone A) produced significant progress starting with Physical therapy. She started the week by standing in the parallel bars and ended the week by walking using a walker. The distance improved each day, starting walking a distance of 8 feet in the parallel bars to walking more than 26 feet using the walker. She is eating lunch in the commons with her team, Jack, John and Chris.

The Speech therapy is going very well, she is able to eat food (mechanical soft) and she no longer is being tube feed (done in the evenings). She is working very hard to move to the next level of food, level 3, which will require more chewing.

Occupational therapy is working on her arm strength and coordination which is improving each day. Her strength is half of what a normal person of her age. Her goal is to return to that level.

Recreational therapy is focused on using games to work her body and have fun doing the activity, this week she played Wee bowling twice. Her score improved each time.

General accomplishments; She is able with minimal assistance to do a transfer standing to her wheel chair, the bed site commode, and with some assistance dress herself. The activity that is going to be on going and the hardest is her body being stretched out, Arms, Legs, Face, and Mouth. Burn victims healing skin and muscles have a tendency to shrink so this is why the focus on stretching. She was measured for a two peace stretch suit which will aid in the healing of the skin. The last event of the week was the removal of her Trach. This occurred on Friday morning and the hole closed by Saturday, her last Trach was a size 4.

You can see her results this week have been outstanding and this is due the team she is working with coupled with her effort.

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