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jeanremy cetoute jeanremy cetoute

hi brenda how are you I would like you help me about the english you can leave me a mesaje because i wanna get a job about now I work very hard I don't have a good Job you know well I am your student in max teaching center in the conversation club ok thank you

Jackie Jackie

You are the BEST Brenda was sooooooooooooooooooo good to see you last week. Keep the walk the line going !!!! Florida coming up in December.... We love you Jackie & Tommy

Melissa Bowman Melissa Bowman

We are so proud of you and you are an amazing woman! We continue to pray for your journey and can't wait to see you in person again soon. It's been too long. Lots of love being sent your way, The Bowmans.

Barbara Oberer Barbara Oberer

Hi there Brenda Girl, We are so happy that your home have absolutely fooled everyone..... Go Girl..... Tell those men in your life "way to go Guys" If there is anything you want or need we will be glad to do anything..... "I really mean that" I will not be down , I will wait until you really are ready for us....but, we will be down later on in the summer to see you...... God bless you and your family........................

Carole Free Carole Free

Our prayers have been answered!!! So happy to hear that you're home! You have a wonderful, loving husband and family and you've been such a trooper! It's really great to see how love, prayers and hard work can overcome all odds! You're a wonderful example to us all, Brenda!!

Anita Cannaday Anita Cannaday

Many prayers have been sent for you. So glad you are home with your family ... God is wonderful!!!

Shirley Fenner Shirley Fenner

Good Morning Girlfriend, Tracy called me yesterday, all excited about having seen you and Jack. She could barely contain herself, going on and on as to how well you are doing and how good you look. Bren, news like that doesn't come often enough anymore. I for one know how grateful you are for the men in your life, but we must not forget that they had a fighter on their hands and the combination was a no-brainer. Congratulations to all. Love you, Shirl

Bette Green Bette Green

Brenda, all of the Prayers and Love from all of us have been answered. Your an amazing woman. Be over to see you soon Love Bette

Eileen Eileen

God bless you ad your family!!!!

Carolann Patton Carolann Patton

Hooooooly shit BRENDA!!!!! Can't wait to come see you on HILE LANE!!!!! I knew you would make it home someday...... You are THE BIONIC WOME. Will come and see you soon. Lovey dove xo

Brenda Terhune O'Bryan Brenda Terhune O'Bryan

Brenda, I am so very happy to hear that you are home! I know that this has been an exremely difficult time for you and your family. I have been praying for you and yours. I know that you will continue to get better and better everyday. Being at home is a huge step in the progress to your recovery. You are amazing!!!

Sheli Dryfuse Sheli Dryfuse

Brenda, so happy to hear you're back home again. I know it's been such a long difficult ordeal to get this far, but you're such a strong woman, you're a source of inspiration for all of us. I've been praying for you since the accident and that won't stop just because you're back home. People ask about you every day at Reynolds, we've all been keeping track of your progress. Hang in there and keep moving forward. Love to you and your whole family.

Jackie Jackie

Way to go Brenda. You HOME !!!!! Keep the progress going and now you can keep Jack inline. Hope to see you soon. We love you Tommy & Jackie

Shirley Fenner Shirley Fenner

Good for you Brenda!!!! Am somewhat embarrassed re: my lack of sending messages for a while. No legitimate excuse except a possible chronic case of being just plain lazy. You are a miracle in itself. We are all so proud of you. Have been keeping up with your progress and was pretty confident that you would be heading home soon. And here you are. Can only imagine how thrilled you must be. Jack, John, Chris and family must be overjoyed! Let me know when you can have visitors during the daytime....they advise I stay off the roads after 6:00 PM. "They" being my children. Ha! Getting there is no problem, it's the return home that can be disasterous. Your days will be filled with rehab for a while and there is no doubt that you evenings will see a great many visitors. Don't overdue, you're in charge so don't hesitate to heard everyone toward the front door when you have had enough. Everyone will understand. Love you, Shirl

Tina M. DeLaet Tina M. DeLaet

Our prayers have been answered! Will get over to see you soon. Love, Tina