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April 8th - 14th

Monday through Sunday:
The Physical therapist saw Brenda use the walker to walk ninety feet and climb up a 3 inch step and then a five inch step. Later in the week, she stood up out of the wheel chair by herself. Using the walker she went one hundred and thirty feet around the rehab room, this was one session. The next activity was to climb up five flights of stairs, rest, and then go down these same steps. The goal is for her to be able to navigate the steps at home.
The Speech therapist had Brenda doing mental exercises. At lunch time she participated in trying regular food. She was upgraded to regular food on Friday.
The Occupational therapist had her take her first shower. She completed task that required her to use her left hand, for example, folding clothes. They made her a new splint for her left hand. She was in the group that made ice cream.
Jack is being trained to assist Brenda in doing transfers so that when she is home he is able to assist her.
Monday afternoon at the patient / family meeting we hope to hear about her release date. Once she is released she will still need to have therapy three times a week.

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