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April 19 to May 19

Today, May 19, marks one month anniversary of Brenda arriving home from the hospital. Since her arrival she has made great strides starting with being on a regular diet to the following; being able to get up from a chair without assistance and taking a few steps without use of the walker.[...]

April 15th to 19th

Monday through Friday:

Today I am happy to announce that Brenda has completed Phase
III at Miami Valley Rehab, and has been discharged and has returned home. She will still have countless follow-ups with Doctor Perry for her burns and continued Outpatient Rehabilitation at Miami Valley.[...]

April 8th - 14th

Monday through Sunday:
The Physical therapist saw Brenda use the walker to walk ninety feet and climb up a 3 inch step and then a five inch step. Later in the week, she stood up out of the wheel chair by herself. Using the walker she went one hundred and thirty feet around the rehab room, this was one session. The next activity was to climb up five flights of stairs, rest, and then go down these same steps. The goal is for her to be able to navigate the steps at home.
The Speech therapist had Brenda doing mental exercises. At lunch time she participated in trying regular food. She was upgraded to regular food on Friday.
The Occupational therapist had her take her first shower. She completed task that required her to use her left hand, for example, folding clothes. They made her a new splint for her left hand. She was in the group that made ice cream.
Jack is being trained to assist Brenda in doing transfers so that when she is home he is able to assist her.
Monday afternoon at the patient / family meeting we hope to hear about her release date. Once she is released she will still need to have therapy three times a week.[...]

April 1 through 7

Monday through Sunday:

Brenda’s first week, Monday through Saturday, at Miami Valley Rehab (4210 Zone A) produced significant progress starting with Physical therapy. She started the week by standing in the parallel bars and ended the week by walking using a walker. The distance improved each day, starting walking a distance of 8 feet in the parallel bars to walking more than 26 feet using the walker. She is eating lunch in the commons with her team, Jack, John and Chris.[...]

March 28-31

Thursday through Sunday:

Brenda moved from Kindred to Miami Valley Rehab Thursday afternoon. She is in room 4210, Zone A. That afternoon they started their evaluation. The first piece of information that they provided was her meal schedule, breakfast at 730 am, lunch Noon, dinner at 4:30 pm and visitation hours, starts at 5 pm and ends at 8 pm. Rehab starts at 8 am Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. Rehab consists of Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Recreational rehab. The Occupational rehab interviewed her to determine what she wanted to accomplish and that is what they will work on, example dressing. Physical rehab set goals with Brenda, example stand up and walk. She was able to stand up straight in a normal fashion with very little assistance, best ever. This week she had rehab on Saturday, she moves into a wheel chair to do Occupational and Physical rehab. Speech works with her on exercising her swallowing and brain exercises, example she used the alphabet to provide male and female name per letter. Recreational goal is to develop her hand / eye coordination through the use of games. The respiratory therapist will work with Brenda on capping the Trach; she will need to remain capped for Forty-eight (48) hours before they will remove her Trach.[...]

March 25th-27th

Monday, the speech therapist had Brenda swallow 4 ounces of pudding and grape juice each. A swallow test is going to happen this week, the purpose is to verify and quantify her swallowing. Completing this determines what type of food she will receive. She is wearing the Speech Valve all day, but not when she is sleeping. The respiratory therapist has the smallest trach in place, this will help her when she is Capped. She was capped Saturday for about Forty-five minutes and she was very anxious. The physical and occupational therapists took Brenda to the rehab room where she worked out on the Elliptical machine. She did her best time today: 10 minutes![...]

March 22nd-24th

Friday, the speech therapist worked with Brenda on swallowing. The respiratory therapist had the speaking valve on for the day. Then the physical therapist took Brenda to the rehab room where she worked out on the Elliptical machine. The occupational therapist worked on her stretching today. We learned that she is scheduled to be discharged next week. She is applying to Miami Valley rehab and if she does not meet their requirements then she will go to Dayton Rehab. Phil and Kathy Scherer stopped by for a visit. Brenda was happy to see them.[...]

March 21st

Thursday, the speech therapist had Brenda do another swallow/dye test which will be monitored for Twenty-four hours. If this is successful then Monday she will do an X-ray to verify if her swallow cycle is working correctly. She was Capped for most of the day and she spoke on the phone to Jack and Chris. What a surprise! The occupational therapist had her shave her leg today.[...]

March 18th-20th

Monday, the speech therapist had her capped for a short while. The focus was on swallowing. She did 8 half spoons of blue die and apple sauce. The respiratory therapist will monitor her secretions for blue die to determine the success. She got anxiety towards the end, but for the most part it was good. She did wear her pressure mask for about an hour. The occupational therapist gave her a chest massage and had her workout on the hand machine twice for a minute and half each time. The respiratory therapist removed the Ventilator this morning as her vitals are within acceptable range.This is the second day she went without the Ventilator. The physical therapist and Brenda made the trip to the rehab room to use the parallel bar while she worked on standing up. She did the stand up exercise three times and stayed at her peak position for minimum of ten seconds. She went back to the room and she moved herself, with help, to the stretch chair where she remained for two and half hours.[...]

March 14th-17th

The Speech Therapist had Brenda on the Passy Muir Valve for 30 minutes today and she continued to work on her swallowing. The Physical therapist took Brenda to the rehab room where she worked out on the Elliptical machine for 4 minutes and 35 seconds. Then she went back to her room were she moved onto the stretch chair for about 2 hours and 35 minutes. The Occupational therapist worked her arms today and she did not see any stiffness.[...]