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Posted 2016-06-08T17:04:00Z

live blogging Chemo #3 (aka mushy pea brain)

Travelling to JJ and Nahanni's wedding felt as ambitious as flying to the moon.  I hadn't packed or planned because I really didn't think it would happening, but the day before our flight my neutrophil levels came up and off we went.  It was wonderful to attend the wedding and celebrate their marriage.  (I will post a link to the professional photos in a few weeks.)  And I really look forward to visiting again, during a less hectic time, and having a big Alaska adventure with JJ and Nahanni.  In addition to the wedding festivities ,we did make time for one fun activity: a scenic flight in a Caravan on floats to the Triumvirate glacier, Mt Spurr Volcano, and Lake Beluga.  My first sea plane ride, woo hoo.  The best part was landing on the lake -- what a weird feeling, floating in a plane.  I would post pictures but google drive isn't syncing and I am too tired to figure it out.  (Bruce couldn't even get it to work, so it's not just me and my chemo brain)   After a week's delay in treatment, being surrounded by amazing nature and emotionally far from "Cancerville," it was had coming back to Churchill for my dose of toxic chemicals this morning.  But Veera kept me company all morning and the time zipped by.  This afternoon I had grand plans to write a big blog post.  But my 5 days in Alaska appears to be just enough to get me on Alaska time; it's now late at night there and my brain has turned to mushy peas.  I'll write more about PTSD, gratitude, and other stuff I'm too tired to remember, tomorrow morning.  

Hugs to all, and a huge congratulations to JJ and Nahanni.  I wish you a long and happy marriage. 


PS  I just finished my carboplatin and am getting a saline flush to clean the line.  Its 6:15pm so we should be home by 7.  Nine hours in the chair -- long day.  But we killed lots of cancer cells.  



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