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Onward and Upward - April 2022 Update

Warm greetings to all who follow this Blog/Fundraiser and to all who may come across this page through the HOPE TBI site.

I wanted to give you folks an update.  You haven't seen much activity on this fundraising site because I (Caren) have moved all my blogging regarding this matter over to the HOPE TBI site.  The HOPE TBI site while starting out as a continuation of this Blog here, has evolved into something much more beautiful and impactful than I could have imagined.  

The Blog there evolved into an educational website for polytrauma and brain injury awareness over these past few years.  I help people tell their own stories and then e-publish them on the HOPE TBI site under YOUR STORIES.  I provide research information, navigation information, and do my best to help bring awareness to not just my experiences, but ways to address accessing resources and developing self-advocacy skills along the way.  Additionally, everything I do or provide from the HOPE TBI website I do not charge for.  It is my way of paying it forward. 

As far as the fundraiser piece here on this site.  I am grateful for any help I can get as I still have around $17,000.00 worth of medical bills or money owed for my care to providers that Michigan No-Fault Auto (the Auto Insurance) was required by law to cover, but will not.  Unfortunately, there are not laws in place to hold them accountable or compel them to follow the law to pay those bills.  It has been an ongoing battle since the beginning with them.  I would love nothing more than to get these providers their money that they earned by helping me medically. There is no way I am able to touch it personally out of pocket.  For this, I am deeply saddened.  I am still immensely grateful for all their talent, skills, and belief in their ability to help me when I needed their medical help. If you are interested in helping support advocacy for holding these insurance companies accountable, check out We Can't Wait to see what a grassroots group is doing to support the catastrophically injured.

If you are able to donate to help with getting my providers paid, please contact me directly at [email protected] or donate here on this site. If you email me, I am glad to provide more information, have a conversation, and provide proof of what is owed.  I offer this because I know there are a lot of scams out there in the world, and I just want to assure those willing to share their generosity of the authenticity of my requests.

That being said, thank you again for following this Blog.  Take a look at how we have continued my rehabilitation by committing to community outreach globally at HOPE TBI You can even subscribe there with your email to get notification of new blog posts.

I will update this Site with any provider bills that get paid and am again very grateful for all of your prayers, support, and ongoing generosity.

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