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Posted 2018-10-17T13:06:50Z

Medication Intervention

I avoid medications and adjuncts unless they are absolutely necessary.  That being said, if I cannot sleep off or  wait out the suffering that ensues, I am not to proud to take something to help me get some sort of relief and rule out other issues.[...]

Posted 2018-10-14T03:41:54Z

Pain Flares - Inconvenient Business

Well for a while I was getting some pretty decent progress from my Physical Therapists.  I was even thinking about trying to go without my cane here and there.  Then this past Sunday afternoon I was just literally sitting and got this horribly intense hot electric shock wave of pain horizontally across my lower back at the same time my thoracic area of my back cramped up like I had never felt in quite some time.[...]

Posted 2018-08-20T05:08:45Z

Your Life Is The Miracle

I am grateful for so much.  The opportunities that life continues to give us to be together and grow as a family and as individuals.

The last four years since the wreck have been crazy, intense, horrible, disappointing, amazing and life changing. We have had high highs and low lows.  There were times we didn’t know how we would make it to the next day, next week, or next month.[...]

Posted 2018-07-17T00:40:43Z

Be a HOPEster


A HOPEster is anyone who is interested in helping one person succeed to be independent – even if the person they are currently helping is themselves (specifically related to Polytrauma and Traumatic Brian Injury – though can apply to anything other than these two things as well).[...]

Posted 2018-05-27T02:26:00Z

Medical Monstrosity

Hello Folks. I’m back on my blog. YAY!!! While I visit often, I have lots to share with you all, and have much medical information, numerous discoveries, and lots of additions to add to this site over the next several weeks. Now however, I am in a position to express my own personal views candidly and without fear of reprisal about something I have been wanting to for quite some time.[...]

Posted 2018-05-27T02:24:26Z

Medical Cornucopia

So something amazing happened during the last four years, in my recovery process, and through countless hours of rehabilitation.  I discovered that with all my new normals, some things remain the same, some things about me are vastly different, and some things have become hugely magnified or what was once dormant is now renewed in a different way.  What I am referencing in this particular post is my absolute love and passionate interest in medicine, science, and all that entails.[...]

Posted 2017-07-01T08:39:11Z

Chronic Pain is NO JOKE!


Chronic Pain is NO JOKE. I have been suffering for the last 2-3 weeks with a major pain flare in my back and side. My 20 mg Baclofen 3 times a day would not touch it. Nothing would touch it. It got to the point that I had difficulty sitting up and putting one foot in front of the other was literally excrutiating and each step was like getting sliced across my back from hip to hip. Sitting, laying down, shifting from hip to hip....nothing was working. My neck felt like it was being twisted off my shoulders the spasms were so bad at one point it made me vomit.[...]

Posted 2017-05-16T07:31:08Z

Brain Map Results

Well technically it is the wee hours of Tuesday morning....yet seeing as I have not been to bed or asleep yet, it is still Monday night to me...that being said today (Monday) was a very eventful day. A day of liberation, answers, and a solid direction.[...]