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Posted 2018-10-17T13:06:50Z

Medication Intervention

I avoid medications and adjuncts unless they are absolutely necessary.  That being said, if I cannot sleep off or  wait out the suffering that ensues, I am not to proud to take something to help me get some sort of relief and rule out other issues.

So several days of Baclofen 20 mg several times a day, 2 Tylenol Arthritis every 6 hrs, and Ibuprofen 800 every 8 hrs, Homeopathic medications for Back pain, muscle spasms, and headache to get me over this hump of a flare up.  

I think we may have to get new imaging on my left knee.  It is not feeling up to par still and is still quite painful.  It's about time to get new imaging on my back  as well.  See what kind of interventions we can do and if we are on the right track....see how things have or have not healed..  

It's a beautiful day to be alive and I am grateful that I have gotten a wee bit of relief to function.  Can you believe I had to use TWO canes for a few in each hand at the same time.  Wow....scary stuff.  However, I believe we are trending down on the other side of this flare up.  At least this one has lasted just over a week.....and not months.  Sweet relief.

Did you know that hurting is exhausting?  It just takes the starch right out of you.  Now I am exhausted.  Feels like I haven't slept, even though i have been.  Being mindful of breathing, feeling, accepting and releasing.


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